Vendir: Plague of Lies MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/God mode/Attack multiplier) 1.1.184

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1. Menu2. Unlimited gold/gold multiplier 3. Attack multiplier 4. God mode 5. Always important 6. unlimited skills

Fight a tyrannical king and find a way to save his mother in Vendir: Plague of Lies. A kingdom crashes and falls into chaos because of the king’s incompetence. The war continued to break out, leaving everyone in despair. In the face of successive changes in the kingdom, the king was powerless. It is even worse when the king is selfish and wants everyone to suffer with him. He instituted brutal rules that forbade people to emigrate elsewhere. But the warrior’s mother is still in the kingdom and you have to help them save her.

The king failed to rule the kingdom and put the kingdom in the most difficult situation. The mess just kept appearing, and it was slowly swallowing the world mercilessly. The king was selfish and could do nothing to revive the kingdom. He doesn’t even want his people to move to better places. The king’s brutal rule forced everyone to hold onto their territory no matter the cost. Punishment is applied to those who are found guilty when they want to gain life. Overthrow the tyrannical king and free Mother and her people from the fallen kingdom.

Download Vendir: Plague of Lies mod – Go on a mission to rescue the mother

When an exiled child receives a letter asking for help, the rescue journey begins. The sender was none other than an elderly mother living in a neighboring country. On the contrary, the idea that the king would rule the kingdom peacefully was just a cruel policy. A tyrannical king cannot lead an empire, leaving this place in darkness. The mother could not stand such torture and decided to send a heartbreaking letter to her child. People protest against the king’s selfish behavior, and he must quickly rescue the trapped mother. Fight against the evil king of the kingdom and complete the mission to rescue the mother.

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great mission

Darkness has long appeared in the kingdom where the king cannot protect everything. He is just greedy for power and enforces the most brutal rules ever. The evil king has deprived the people of the kingdom of their right to life, and they don’t even have the fighting power of their own. The rulers of the kingdom were even more brutal in punishing anyone who dared to escape. The people here need someone’s help, mom calls for help. No matter what, saving the person who gave birth to you is still an inescapable responsibility. Help the children in their noble mission to save their mother from an evil king.

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Turn-based combat

The tyrannical king ruined the kingdom beyond sight. His brutal policies led to the destruction of the places people chose to live. Even if the people wanted to leave the kingdom, it was against the king’s rules. But the cry for help was sent to me by my mother across the field. The children must join the evil side and face the hostile forces. You will accompany the children in fulfilling their filial duty to their mother. Help your child fight enemies from the kingdom with turn-based combat.

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Technological development

The children who join the kingdom in their quest to save their mother are just ordinary people. So in this journey, you must help your child thrive in the fight. You can help them become brave warriors to fight directly against the king’s soldiers. Or they could be full-blown rogues with a fighting style. Each child may be different, but all share the same goal of saving their mother. But to do that, they need your help in developing the fighting skills of your choice. Teach children how to play in their own style and design a skill system.

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The seller lied the plague mod

A mother living in a kingdom ruled by a tyrannical king offers to rescue. The lives of the people there were miserable, and they could only reluctantly obey orders. The evil king always imposes draconian laws regardless of their lives. Therefore, not only mothers, but also those who need to leave the kingdom. You will be accompanied by children of rescued mothers. Turn-based combat will challenge kids, but developing skills will help them win. Download the Vendir: Plague of Lies mod to bring down the tyrannical king and save the trapped mother.

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