How to Unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors

One of the last playable characters that players can unlock at the end of their adventure Vampire Survivor It’s Avatar Infernas, an extremely powerful vampire that offers superior game expansion for difficult levels. More specifically, an avatar can gain unlimited power, curse, movement speed, and cooldown reduction. In addition, this character will gain max HP, Strength, Luck, Magnet, Respin and Respawn bonus at the start of each level. If the player wants to complete some more difficult levels Vampire Survivor In extreme difficulty, Avatar is one of the best options for the job.

Avatar hell unlock Vampire Survivor, the player must first defeat the Director, the game’s final boss residing in the Eudaimonia Machine. When this enemy is defeated, survivors will receive a message that says: “It only shows up in the reverse tessname library. Good friends can lead the way.” “Reverse tessname library” refers to the Reverse Mode of the tessname library, which is a game mode that can be accessed through Gracia’s Mirror Relic that the player obtained earlier in Eudaimonia M. However, accessing The reverse mosaic library is just the challenging first step in unlocking Avatar.

Unlock avatars in Vampire Survivor

After entering the Mosaic Library in Inverse Mode, the next step to unlocking the Avatar is to obtain Peachone and Ebony Wings, two starter weapons for Exdash and Toastie. Vampire Survivor. After obtaining these two weapons, the player must go West in the library. Gameplay footage based on YouTuber Rahulio, the last survivors will encounter Trickster, the purple god of death sitting in front of the piano. Kill this enemy to interact with the piano and start a strange puzzle sequence with Peachone and Ebony Wings.

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Two weapon birds will fly to the piano keys, indicating which keys the player should press. According to Vampire Survivor Wiki, the string will always be “2W 6W 5B 5W 1B”, where W is white and B is black. After completing this puzzle, the library will suddenly go black, as a red-eyed head emerges from the darkness and chases the player’s protagonist. During this time, the player must explore the darkness to find the nine coffins Vampire Survivor. Once you’ve found all nine, the room will gradually light up and the Avatar will appear as the final boss. Therefore, the Survivor must defeat the Avatar to unlock it as a playable character Vampire SurvivorAfter watching the fireworks cutscene where the Avatar joins the survivors, a white grim reaper arrives to kill the player’s protagonist, allowing them to return to the character selection screen and take on a new role. mine.

Source: YouTube/LaHulyo | Vampire Survivor Wiki

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