Videotapes. A woman adopts a rescued puppy that instantly becomes its father’s son

Laura has adopted a rescue dog, Rusty. She wished the dog loved her in a fraction of the way he loved her husband. But luckily, the couple needed the dog as much as he needed them. Rusty looks a lot like the couple’s last German Shepherd, Cane.

So one of the local dog lovers, a volunteer at Miami-Dade Animal Services, sent them a photo of this dog. A rescue dog with drooping ears like Cane and the couple knew they had to adopt him. But when they went to see Rusty, they saw a red sign on his cage that read: “He’s not good with other dogs, he’s very aggressive.”

This makes them want Rusty more because they think something terrible will happen to this big baby if they don’t adopt him. They weren’t sure if anyone would adopt Rusty. That’s how they received him.

Rusty is afraid of cars, so the family learns that the dog has been wandering for several days. The couple faced many challenges and it took a while for Rusty to feel warm to them. Fortunately, it eventually worked out and he became close to Laura’s husband.

They would lie together on the couch and fall into each other’s arms, literally. Eventually, Laura’s husband started implementing a bedtime routine for Rusty. Every 10 o’clock at night, the dog went to bed with him. Rusty stopped pretending and actually started loving him more.

Their other dog, Slayde, is a larger dog. Laura believes that perhaps he thinks Rusty is too young for him because he is always full of energy. The couple even have husband Laura’s two pet cats. The couple named their dog German Shepherd Miami because it is taller than the normal GSD.

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His face looks like a German Shepherd, but his body is quite red. The dog has big expressive eyes that melt Laura’s heart. The poor dog still does not know how to play football and is very protective of his territory. The owners wanted Rusty to see that he had a safe place to live and that people loved him.

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