Virtually unsolvable viral challenge: finding the word ‘EFFECT’

Cesar Quispe August 6, 2023. 09:00 am

I want you to have fun in your free time. So I present you a virus challenge, but keep this in mind: according to many users, it’s barely solvable. So I advise you to prepare yourself. Do not believe. You will find that you will have a healthy fun time, as with other tests, such as “the one that perfectly describes your identity, according to the shape of your little finger“or”one that consists of giving a simple answer by revealing everything about yourself“.

In this Depor note challenge, your task is none other than to find the word ‘EFFECT’ in the picture you are about to see. Remember that your chances of winning will increase if you pay attention to the details. All depends on you. I trust your ability.

Find the word ‘EFFECT’ in this picture

The viral challenge that I present to you here is a creation of MDZ Online. This shows us a blue dialog box in which there are many ‘AFFECT’ expressions. Although it may not seem like it, among them is the word ‘EFFECT’ that you have to find without worrying about time because you are not required to find it quickly.

In this illustration, there is a blue dialogue bubble with many words ‘IMPACT’, with the term ‘IMPACT’. (Photo: MDZ Online)

Find the solution to the viral challenge

No problem if you can’t find the word ‘EFFECT’. I know very well that it is hidden among the terms ‘EFFECTIVE’. If you want to know where it is, see the following figure.

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In this image, there is a lead colored dialogue bubble with a lot of the words 'IMPACT', it is indicated where the term 'IMPACT' is located.  (Photo: MDZ Online)In this image, there is a lead colored dialogue bubble with a lot of the words ‘IMPACT’ on it, it is indicated where the term ‘IMPACT’ is located. (Photo: MDZ Online)

The viral challenge is…

A viral challenge is what you need to have some healthy fun. Some include finding a bug, a person, an animal, an object, or a word in a picture. On the other hand, others are looking for the exact number of geometric characters in the illustration. Sometimes they have a time limit. In other words, they must be remedied quickly. They are also known as challenges, visual tests, visual or logical puzzles.

A visual quiz for you

Visual Quiz: Can you solve it in less than five seconds?Take a close look at the photos in this video and see if you can find the details they hide.

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