WAF Awards 2023, World’s Best New Buildings Unveiled

Discover the world’s best new buildings presented at the WAF Awards 2023. From serene mosques to greenery-filled skyscrapers, explore stunning architectural marvels recognized for their excellence.

The best new buildings in the world presented

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards presented their selection of the world’s best new buildings, showcasing stunning architectural wonders from around the world. Notable buildings include a peaceful mosque in Dubai, a Singaporean skyscraper decorated with lush greenery, and a panda breeding research center in Chengdu, China.

With almost 250 completed projects shortlisted, the WAF Awards will reward excellence in 18 categories, including residential, commercial and cultural architecture. The highest award, “World Building of the Year”, will be awarded to an exceptional project in December. In addition to this prestigious title, other awards will celebrate outstanding achievements in landscape architecture, proposed future projects and interior design.

WAF Awards 2023

WAF Awards 2023, which will be held in Singapore at the end of November, will witness a live judging process conducted by a distinguished jury of 140 experts. Outstanding buildings shortlisted for recognition include Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport, a landmark addition to Australia’s Holocaust Museum in Melbourne, and the newly constructed national stadiums of Cambodia and Senegal.

Last year, the prestigious World Building of the Year award went to Australia’s Quay Quarter Tower, a pioneering office building known as the world’s first “upcycled” skyscraper. This innovative structure incorporated more than two-thirds of the existing building from the 1970s, showcasing the architectural prowess of Danish firm 3XN. Previous winners have included a public library in the Netherlands and a Danish waste-to-energy plant that doubles as an artificial ski and snowboard trail.

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Paul Finch, WAF’s Program Director, emphasized that this year’s shortlist serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of architects in dealing with the everyday and extraordinary challenges facing the world. In a time marked by various crises, the WAF awards highlight the ability of architects to skillfully and imaginatively tackle these problems.

WAF awards

The WAF Awards is a respected annual festival and awards ceremony dedicated to the architecture and development industry. It has gained recognition as one of the most prestigious events in the area. Originally held in Barcelona from 2008 to 2011, the festival later found its home in Singapore for four years. Since 2016, it has expanded to host cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam.

What sets the WAF Awards apart is its unique format, where approximately 550 shortlisted architects present their projects live to a panel of judges in critique rooms. Among these exceptional projects, one was honored with the prestigious title of World Building of the Year. The festival serves as a platform for architects to showcase their innovative designs and get recognition for their outstanding contributions in the field.

Each year, the World Architecture Festival publishes a list of award winners on its official website, allowing industry professionals and enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the exceptional architectural achievements celebrated at the event. The WAF Awards continue to inspire and recognize exceptional talent and creativity within the global architectural community.

History of the WAF Awards

The history of the WAF Awards dates back to 2008 when it was first established as a vibrant festival and live awards competition dedicated to celebrating and promoting architectural excellence around the world. The inaugural festivals were held in Barcelona, ​​setting the stage for an extraordinary showcase of architectural talent. From 2012 onwards, the festival found new homes in Singapore, Berlin and Amsterdam, attracting architects and enthusiasts from around the world.

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The competition for the WAF Awards is very competitive, with more than a thousand submitted projects per year. From this group of applications, more than 550 projects were shortlisted for live presentations at the festival. Architects pay a fee to submit their future projects or completed construction projects, and if shortlisted, they travel to the festival venue to present their work to a jury. Live presentations offer a unique opportunity for architects to convey the essence and intricacies of their projects directly to an esteemed jury.

It is important to note that participation in the award ceremony is voluntary, and the festival does not dictate which projects can be submitted. Architects have the freedom to exhibit their best work, adding to the diversity and richness of the competition. In 2011, the festival expanded its offer by introducing the INSIDE Festival, a parallel event focused on architecture and interior design. This addition further enhanced the festival’s comprehensive celebration of architectural creativity.

Throughout its history, the WAF Awards have remained a prominent platform for architects to gain recognition, exchange ideas and foster a sense of community within the industry. The festival continues to evolve and inspire, driving the advancement of architectural excellence on a global scale.

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