Walking Dead: Why The Governor Killed Hershel (Not Michonne) In Season 4

The Governor (David Morrissey) chooses to kill Hershel (Scott Wilson) instead of Michonne (Danai Gurira) in a tense scene zombie Part 4 for understandable reasons. The brutal villain made his debut last season as the leader of Woodbury, a fortified community of survivors. After learning about Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his hiding place in a nearby abandoned prison, the Governor has a new enemy. He also goes on a rampage after Michonne sees through his appearance and considers him a monster.

When the Governor began his campaign to destroy Rick’s team, his Woodbury army reluctantly joined the fight. He kills those who reject his plan and wanders alone for months. The governor, now named Brian Heriott, found a group of vulnerable survivors who would follow his lead. He describes Rick’s team as the real villains and vows to go to jail. To aid his campaign, the Governor arrests Herschel and Michonne as a way to convince Rick to give up the fight.

Before taking the hostages to prison with his new army, the Governor declares that he will not harm Hershel or Michonne. None of the characters believe him – and rightfully so. The two appear at the prison gate and ask Rick’s group to leave the area or else the hostages will be killed. Rick tries to make the two groups can live peacefully in prison. In response, the governor took Michonne’s sword and beheaded Hershel, much to the astonishment of the man’s family and friends. The sequence of events is one of the most heartbreaking scenes zombiehistory, but Hershel’s death proved how important he was to the organization, a fact the Governor knew.

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Hershel was more important to Rick’s team back then

The Governor was well aware that Hershel was even more important on Rick’s team at the time. As the eldest brother of the nation, Hershel spoke well and spoke well. During the governor’s brief meeting with Herschel, the man realized that he was not a physical threat, but that his absence could be overwhelming for prison survivors. . Killing an innocent person like Hershel is a symbolic decision.

The Governor is likely planning to kill Hershel and Michonne to force Rick’s group to leave. He seems to want revenge for Michonne’s eye injury and killing his zombie daughter. A woman with a knife is clearly more of a threat, there’s no way she’s living with someone like the Governor.

In the end, the Governor’s victims didn’t matter because he underestimated Rick’s last name. Hershel’s death opens a chain of events that lead to an all-out war on the prison grounds. When Michonne escapes slavery, Rick’s group opens fire on the Governor’s militia. She was then able to pierce the Governor’s chest with her katana, causing him to slowly die. The survivors then escape from the prison, split into groups and a series of important subplots unfold zombie Part 4 and more.

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