Watch the silly little parrot become the new mother’s shadow. Cockatoos follow their new mother everywhere

Working from home was great for Kimberly when she was the only one in the house. However, she feels like Doobie is her little shadow, with the macaw following her the whole time. The bird shares everything with her.

If the mistress takes a bath, Doobie will follow her, sit on the chair and talk to her. He would keep asking her, “What are you doing?” When Kimberly has lunch, he eats with her.

The bird’s owner feels like Doobie is his little friend and enjoys spending the day with him. The first time Kimberly saw him, he was wearing these little pants. That was the moment she fell in love with him.

The bird was very comfortable with Kimberly when they first met. There is an immediate connection between the bird and the human. Then she had to take Doobie home. On the way home, the bird opens up to its new mother.

At first, Kimberly was a little worried that the bird wouldn’t accept her. She feels this because Doobie has been with its previous owner for 28 years. His family was very slow in adjusting to his new life.

Kimberly made sure to pay attention to every signal the bird gave her and made sure not to push it too far. Doobie loves to talk and has a great personality. He brought so much joy and love throughout the day.

He mimicked Kimberly brushing his teeth by moving his neck the same way she did. He likes to go out and talk to his mother before going to bed. The parrot reacts to its humans lovingly.

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