We’re TV experts – and these are the best Amazon Prime TV shows to watch

As the TV team here at HELLO!, we’ve spent a lot of our lives going overboard on shows – and so we’ve developed pretty high standards over the years! As such, we’ve compiled our ultimate favorites for Amazon Prime Video — and why we love them so much. So, if you’re looking for some TV recommendations, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Check out our top picks for the streaming platform…

The wheel of time

I’m quite dissatisfied with the fantasy series. While I love Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, The Witcher and Shadow and Bone weren’t really my cup of tea – so I wasn’t sure where The Wheel of Time would sit. After those first few confusing episodes where it seems like everyone is speaking in Latin, I got VERY into the drama of it all.

© Amazon Prime Why we loved The Wheel of Time

The story follows a group of villagers from a sleepy town who are forced to go on an adventure with Moiraine, an Aes Sedai (basically, she wields magic and is amazing) who knows that one of them is a ‘Dragon Reborn’. But who? I don’t know about you, but I love the ‘chosen one’ plot, and this is definitely worth watching, for Rosamund Pike, if nothing else! – Emmy Griffiths, TV editor



Stanley Tucci AND Richard Madden in the same lineup, you say? Try to stop me from watching this show. I love spy dramas and Citadel was a great watch for its action scenes and twisty plot. Okay, so was it the most thoughtful, sophisticated spy drama of all time? Not.

Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra in Citadel© Amazon Prime VideoRichard Madden and Priyanka Chopra in Citadel

James Bond it’s not (although we’re imagining Richard Madden as 007 now and that’s a yes from us), but it’s still very enjoyable and Priyanka Chopra is great in it. Moreover, the second season has been confirmed. Whoops! Francesca Shillcock – Senior TV and Film Writer

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A very funny comedy in which a comedy writer, Ava, makes a gaffe on Twitter and is humbly fired as such, forcing her to accept a gag writing gig for Deborah Vance – impeccably paid for by Jean Smart. After several major difficulties, the couple eventually grow closer as they realize that there is more to each other than their first impressions. This is the kind of show I would have on while making dinner – it’s light, it’s breezy and you can be a little distracted while watching it (let’s face it, you need that kind of show sometimes)! – Emmy Griffiths, TV editor

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My summer is beautiful

At 33, I usually avoid teen dramas, but this one had me hooked, line and sinker. The Summer I Turned Pretty also has the perfect mix of teenage angst and grown-up stories, thanks to the friendship between the show’s two mothers, Laurel and Susannah, as well as a cast of teenagers who fall in and out of love. Plus, it’s set in a dreamy beach town in Massachusetts for a bit of an escape from reality in every episode, and the soundtrack is peppered with Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, making it irresistible.

Belly dancing with Conrad in the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty© AmazonBelly and Conrad dance in the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty

Of course, I’m not into teenage heartbreak and dilemmas, but the show looks gorgeous, the cast is likable, and it fills my Gilmores void perfectly. – Melanie Macleod, Wellness Editor

Fifteen loves

I thought the drama was a compelling watch, with a brilliant cast. The six-part series took a disturbing look at sexism in the sports world, something many may not be aware of. A sensitive topic is well handled.

Aidan Turner plays tennis at Fifteen-Love© KEVIN BAKER Aidan Turner plays tennis at Fifteen-Love

Although Aidan Turner provided a terrifying portrayal of the professional tennis coach, the standout star of the show was Ella Lily Hyland who played aspiring tennis player Justine Pearce. As far as debut goes, Ella was exceptional and mesmerizing to watch. She kept the audience on edge playing such a complex character. – Sharnaz Shahid, Deputy Online Editor

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So glad I stumbled across this Aussie export! This very funny show was inspired by Broadchurch, and the writers approached the idea of ​​creating a murder mystery that was also funny. As such, you have two warring officers trying to solve the multiple murders of horrific people in their city – before even more lives are lost.

Madeleine Sami as Eddie Redcliffe and Kate Box as Dulcie CollinsMadeleine Sami as Eddie Redcliffe and Kate Box as Dulcie Collins

There are some absolutely superb lines, but one character called “the emotional truffle pig” was the highlight for me. Five stars! – Emmy Griffiths, TV editor


Daisy Jones and six

I’m a sucker for a good soundtrack. For me, obsessed with music, a brilliant soundtrack can draw me in just as much as a plot or cast, so I was delighted when it was announced that Daisy Jones and the Six was being adapted for TV.

daisy jones 1© PrimeHave you seen Daisy Jones yet?

For those who don’t know, it follows songwriter Daisy (played by Riley Keogh) who hits it big with her band in the hedonistic haze of the late 60s and 1970s, but broken hearts and too much rock n’ roll lead to their fall from grace and final disintegration. For other music geeks out there, it’s loosely based on Fleetwood Mac and the story behind the making of their seminal album, Rumors, and the soundtrack pretty much emulates that. Francesca Shillcock – Senior TV and Film Writer


Cruel summer

I admit I haven’t watched the second season yet, but the first? What a teenage drama! The story follows the teenager Jeannette through three periods of her life.

cruel summer ep1Cruel Summer is a solid teenage mystery drama

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One is a geek as she yearns for the popularity of her cool peer Kate, the second follows Kate’s disappearance, where she shines brightly and loves her new life (with Kate’s boyfriend), and the third is when Kate reappears, destroying Jeanette’s newfound popularity after he accuses her that she knew where she was kept during the kidnapping. But did Jeanette really know or was it all a terrible misunderstanding? I was hooked. – Emmy Griffiths, TV editor


Rings of Power

I love The Lord of the Rings to the point where I watch all the extended editions every year and mostly use the extras as background noise at all times, so I was among the cynics when The Rings of Power came out. While I know some fans weren’t happy with the adaptation, I absolutely adored it.

rings of powerRings of Power is the most expensive show ever made

It definitely takes a few slow episodes to really heat things up, something that seems a little unacceptable given the amount of money that has been put into this series, but once it gets going, it flies. Turn on season two. – Emmy Griffiths, TV editor


Jury duty

What an absolutely surprising JOY jury duty was! As the first original from Freevee (Amazon Prime Video’s free streaming platform, where you don’t need a subscription to tune in), it became an internet hit as it follows Ronald, a twenty-something who signs up to be a part of a documentary about jury duty , with no idea that everyone but him is an actor, from the judge to the bailiff.

Ronald Gladden on the juryRonald Gladden on the jury

The show put him in more and more unusual situations, and his answers made the series an instant hit – and turned our Ronaldo into a national hero. Watch! – Emmy Griffiths, TV editor

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