What a miracle! This little horse should not have survived and today it has helped so many children around the world

So sweet. They are beautiful and beautiful animals. Are they a natural evolution that has been around for years or a designer horse like a dog in a wallet?. It’s beautiful and loved so maybe it’s happy.

This is Thumbelina, the world’s smallest horse, born in 2001. She was born from tiny horses. Even so, she was the only one born like that.

Lives on Goose Creek Farm. She is 43 cm tall and weighs only 27 kg. He came to visit voluntarily [hos.pitals] and visit thousands of children.

Owner Michael Gesling says they don’t really want horses like these. They say they get sick very often and die very quickly.

Fortunately, she is now healthy and a blessing to the children of the world. Everyone loves him very much.

It’s amazing how long people and animals will live with love and care.

It survives because he’s here to help the people inside [hos.pitals] and the st.ricken kids. The little ponies are so cute, they’re fearless and think they’re big, the only thing that makes them big is usually their attitude.

Bless his heart. He was saved because God knew he had a purpose in life.

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