What did Thoppi do? Why Was Thoppi YouTuber Arrested?

In a shocking turn of events, social media users watched a live stream of the Youtuber’s arrest. The Youtuber in question is Thoppi, who has more than 7 lakh subscribers on Youtube. Yes, you heard right, Thhoppi Youtuber has been arrested. Do you know who Thoppi is and why he was arrested? If not, this article is for you. Youtuber Thhoppi was reportedly arrested on Thursday, June 22, 2023. But what charges was Youtuber Thoppi arrested on? You just have to follow this article for a while until you read it till the end to get answers to all the questions related to Thoppi arrest. Please scroll down the page and see below for more information.

Why was Hoppi, the youtuber, arrested?

Thoppi is a YouTube content creator from Kerala. In fact, people called him a controversial Youtuber. He found himself in legal trouble after making allegedly offensive comments and causing chaos on a busy street during a store opening. Yes, you heard right, Youtuber Thoppi was arrested for creating havoc in traffic. Youtuber was reportedly detained and arrested on the morning of Friday June 23, 2023 at his home in Kochi. Read more details in the next section and learn more details.

Thhoppi YouTuber Arrested

The Youtuber was reportedly taken to Valanchery, Malappuram from his home in Kochi. Thoppi’s arrest is related to an incident that took place at Valanchery in north Malappuram a few days ago. Ever since the news of YouTuber Thoppi’s arrest broke, she has been buzzing the internet and trending on Twitter. Thhoppi’s videos show him drawing huge audiences wherever he goes and making even those who have never heard of him curious as to who he is. Thoppi’s arrest followed a complaint from a local public activist. Scroll down to read how he livestreamed his arrest incident.

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Thhoppi YouTuber Arrested

Police said they had to break down the door to her house because Thoppi refused to open the door despite repeated requests. Instead of operating with the police, the Youtuber began filming his arrest and broadcasting it LIVE on social media. Later, the police confiscated his property, including his laptop. Youtuber Thoppi is currently 24 years old and his real identity is Nihad who belongs to Kannur district. On social media, people affectionately know him by his stage name Thoppi. He boasts of a fan following of 7 Lakh on Youtube. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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