What Fast & Furious Always Means By A 10-Second Car

the tenth car is a big part Fast and furious The lore, is constantly referred to throughout the series, but what does it really mean? This phrase first appeared very near the beginning of the original film and was recently repeated at the end of the film. F9: Quick Legend. Here’s what the ten-second car really is and why it shows up so often Fast and furious Franchising.

exist Fast and furious, Dom Toretto and Brian O’Conner attend Dom’s illegal street protest for the first time. Since there was no money to gamble, Brian bet on his car, sure he could win. Unfortunately for him, Dom won the race after Brian burned the NOS early. That same night, after helping Dom escape the police, Brian saw his car damaged by rival racer Johnny Tran, leaving him indebted to Dom for the race he lost. Dom reminds him that Brian owes him a car for 10 seconds, and the two begin working together in Dom’s garage to build a new car.

So what is a ten second car? Simply put, it’s a car fast enough to complete a quarter-mile drag race in ten seconds or less. “I live my life a quarter mile at a time” Wire. A time of 10 seconds a quarter mile is unbelievably fast and a professional racer like Don Toretto wouldn’t accept anything the best.

Of course, the ten-second car means more Fast and furious than its simpler definition. At the end of the first film, after Dom’s Dodge Charger breaks down and the police arrive to arrest him, Brian gives him the keys to the Toyota Supra they built together—the car he owes him. ten seconds. Dom hesitates to get the keys, which prompts Brian to remind him that, by right, the car is his. For many fans, it was a moment that defined the emotional core of the series — an early example of family bonding. Fast and furious Not just a bunch of silly action movies about cars.

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at the end of F9, that scene is mirrored between Dom and his estranged brother Jakob. The two bicker for most of the film, even trying to kill each other several times, but they overlook their differences in the climactic battle and seem to have made amends. Jakob has to run away because he is currently wanted by the police, and Dom gives him the keys, saying he once got the car ten seconds as a second chance. So while the ten-second car is literal, it’s also literal. more metaphorical meaning – as in Fast and furiousIt is also a symbol of salvation and a symbol of family.

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