Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK (Weak opponents) 1.43.1

You are too familiar with the genre of shooting, survival or farming. Forget genres right away and try a whole new genre. This is the type of sports game Horse Racing Rival Stars. This genre is similar to games about off-road racing, cars or motorcycles. But Rival Stars Horse Racing games are very different from racing games which is horse racing. It is because of this difference that the publisher PIKPOK has received a lot of support. Rival Stars Horse Racing has been downloaded more than 5 million times worldwide.

In Rival Stars Horse Racing, players will not only use skills to win races. But players can also raise their own horses and breed healthy horses. Another difference is that players will not be able to join the race in the first place. Here they need horses for breeding, care, training. Train your horse to be agile, strong and resilient. The more carefully a horse is cared for and trained, the more likely it is to bring victory to its owner. So be careful and choose the best horse breed for yourself.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing mod – The ultimate horse racing training ground

Rival Stars Horse Racing is an exciting horse racing sport. Everyone’s horse race is different. Because there will be stronger and more resilient horses than well-trained and well-groomed horses. Initially, before coming to the racecourse, people will have a farm to raise horses. For a horse to be competitive and race-ready, it must be trained and cared for by its owner. And note that when choosing varieties to raise at first, you need to choose carefully. Winning matches will earn you rewards and improve your life.

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Rival Stars Free Horse Racing 1

New way to play

Coming to the game Rival Stars Horse Racing, players will not start the race right away, but will go to a horse racing field. Players themselves will be able to choose their own racehorse. When players join this game, they will experience the exciting feeling of raising and racing horses. Healthy horses are cared for and raised by themselves. Both had experience in horse racing but became attached to their beloved horses. Healthy horses can breed and sell bad horses for extra income. Most importantly, take care of them and win matches to get more rewards.

Rival Stars Horse Racing apk 1

The most important thing for Rival Stars Horse Racing is choosing a good warhorse. Because the best horses will be bred for your entire farm. Then you need to clean the barns and take care of them to create the best growing environment for the horses. In the end, the best horses are selected to participate in the racecourse. Some horses can be sold on the farm for income in preparation for the races. Or use that money to get a better breed.

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Build a dream farm

Join the Rival Stars Horse Racing and build your own dream racetrack. Here you will be together to select and breed good horses. Build yourself a collection of the most powerful warhorses. Export some horses for income to upgrade your farm. Change the way of care and dishes, build some new cages. Build yourself a luxury modern farm. Help your horses have a better, healthier living environment.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing 1

3D visuals, perfect sound effects

When it comes to images and text, the publisher PIKPOK really pays attention. Graphics are designed in 3D, just like in the real world. Give players a feeling of closeness and familiarity. Horse design is no different from reality. Incorporate game sounds, from horse breathing to screeching feet. Players will develop real empathy for their steed. Surely thanks to this, Rival Stars Horse Racing has received a lot of praise from users.

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Play as the master of the track now. Choose the best horse breeds and build yourself a great farm. Join the international horse race with horses and put your name on the leaderboard! It would be a pity if someone missed it without trying the experience. A farm with beautiful and strong horses. Wander through beautiful new lands around the world through races. Download Rival Stars Horse Racing now and don’t miss out on these unforgettable experiences!

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK (Weak opponents) for Android

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