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Chapters is a simulation game about a romantic love story. For those who are still searching for their own happiness. Many different love stories for you to experience. Join the love story between the president and the beauty, the love story between a couple who love each other… all the love stories in the chapters will let you play the main character. Play as a character to write your own love story. Be with the person you love and prepare to be the shoulder of the other half. Discover the good times they spent together. Start with story chapters, start with love story, love couple.

Finding your true love is difficult. Find someone who understands and listens to you. Learn more flirting techniques and make them go crazy. Chapter will be your partner to help you achieve this goal. When you don’t know how to love, don’t be afraid to learn. Let you immerse yourself in moments of love and romance. Great isn’t it? Choose your favorite game category and experience a variety of stories. There are not only beautiful love stories but also difficulties and contradictions in love. Everything is waiting for you to discover and feel to the fullest.

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Unlike other love games, you have to help the character flirt with his lover. Many beautiful boys and girls are looking for lovers. Find yourself an ideal lover and create a warm loving space together. Read and immerse yourself in those love stories and feel the ideal love. The chapters not only entertain you, but also give you many experiences of love. There are many details to uncover, and interesting mysteries in each story.

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Gameplay in Chapters is very simple, nothing too difficult. You will have to read through each chapter and complete them as if you were reading a love story. Each story is told through visuals and character dialogue. Help them win each other’s love. There are currently 149 stories in the chapter, played in an ordered storyline. Each story will have different details. You will choose and decide which passage should be there. It can lead to the end of a good life, or it can be broken. How things end is up to you. Find the right story for you in the description.

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Players will transform into a boy or a girl in that love story. About the character, players can customize their appearance, clothes, skin color according to their preferences. Choose clothes that are beautiful and suitable for all situations. Appearance will be an important factor attracting boys and girls. Let your character stand out and shine the brightest. Seduced by her talent and beauty, she wants to conquer them. Get happiness for yourself and be your strongest shoulder. Day of role-playing with characters, cute rage in chapters.

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There are many stories with many categories in the chapters. Including Sweet (sweet), CEO/Billionaire, Bad Boys, Suspense/Thriller, Fantasy, Fake Relationship,… you can choose your favorite genre. Immerse yourself in the characters and immerse yourself in the story. Each genre offers a different view of love. Help you love life more and accompany you through the rain and wind. As a friend who always accompany and share. Or give you little experience in teasing girls. Capture their hearts and give them an indelible shock. All genres will be stories you play.

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It not only attracts many players in gameplay but also in unique graphics. Everything is told through images and dialogue, the thoughts of each character. The characters proved to be the most engaging and realistic. All of them are designed from appearance to very beautiful costumes. Various colors highlight your role in each story. In addition, the game also provides some musical melodies in each love story to give a romantic feeling.

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The chapters will be a fascinating love story. You will be a character in wonderful love lives. Date boys and girls and have fun together. Conquer them with their talent or beauty. Download chapters and keep writing such a beautiful love story with characters.

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