15 Gorgeous Sci-Fi Movies To Watch If You Loved Blade Runner 2049

runner 2049The Oscar-winning cinematography and effects have largely made it one of the most visually stunning sci-fi films of recent years, and possibly never before, and it will. leaves fans wondering if there is a movie in this genre that can do that without meeting its extremely high standards. .

If you find yourself drawn to the film’s out-of-date feel and Roger Deakins’ breathtaking cinematography, then make sure you check out these equally stunning but often brutal sci-fi films. .

Updated by Mark Birrell on January 11, 2021: Blade Runner 2049 may still have a long way to go before it can achieve the kind of certified hit status the original loved, but a few years away. After that, it seems to be a much-loved modern movie. fans around the world. That’s partly because the film’s visual style is clearly inspired by sci-fi classics. We’ve added some of these movies, along with some more modern examples of amazingly good sci-fi movies, to expand our list of great movies that resemble Blade Runner 2049 both visually and visually. images and themes.

To (2016)

Less than a year before wide release runner 2049director Denis Villeneuve releases a critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated, all-star sci-fi horror blockbuster arrive.

A film that examines tense first-contact situations through the lens of communication and linguistics, the sparse setting design, haunting music, and excellent cinematography of the film immediately bring Villeneuve became one of the leading filmmakers of the genre. top position in .

Forgotten (2013)

Tom Cruise stands by the forgotten waterfall

While by no means as minimalist as similar-themed sci-fi films are often compared to – Duncan Jones’ films are also great. moon-Screenwriter and director Joseph Kosinski crafted an aesthetic vision of the future in his ambitious epic, forget.

The real journey shares its core themes with many sci-fi films, whether moon And runner 2049 It includes the story of Tom Cruise’s disgruntled post-apocalyptic wasteland engineer scouring the ravaged Earth and repairing terrifying drones. runner 2049as the glorious sci-fi janitor uncovers the real conspiracy behind his peaceful and restless life, as well as the reality of his importance in the world.

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Old Machine (2014)

Mecha Ji interview scene

Longtime sci-fi fan, beloved screenwriter Alex Garland, who is also directing the project, is directing this gripping thriller that explores artificial intelligence, identity, behavior exploitation and psychological manipulation.

The plot follows a low-level super tech employee who flies to his mysterious boss’s reclusive lair, only to discover that he will be used as an assistant for the so-called “Turing test”. for a new advanced humanoid artificial intelligence. As his conversation with the persuasion machine progresses, questions of loyalty and safety begin to arise as the odd situation becomes more and more dangerous.

2001 Space Adventures (1968)

2001 Space Adventures

Few films are as influential as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Adventure Even a few of them still come from the sci-fi genre.

Revolving around humanity’s quest to find out about the mysterious monolith buried on the moon, the story is most memorable because of the bitter conflict between the crew of the deep space exploration ship they sent to investigate the ship’s haunting psycho-artificial intelligence and phenomena Many — perhaps even most — of the films on this list can be traced directly to its origins. .

The Stalker (1979)

Movie Russian Stalker 1979

Another hugely influential classic sci-fi novel by Andrei Tarkovsky, but in stark contrast to the filmmaking of almost everything mentioned here stalker It’s slow and beautiful.

The plot involves a nominal “stalker”, a sort of guide or smuggler who leads patrons into indescribable “areas” created in unknown and possessive ways. otherworldly power, even though that sounds like high-concept Springboard action and adventure, has as much story as it does stalker Although the length is the same as runner 2049Instead, it’s mostly a silent meditation on philosophical concepts, which, combined with Alexander Knyazhinsky’s stunning cinematography, ignited a lasting fascination with moviegoers.

Destruction (2018)

Alex Garland’s Ambitious Sci-Fi Thriller Clearly Inspired by Tarkovsky stalker But bringing elements of Hollywood action thrills into a journey is clearly more mainstream but still thought-provoking.

destruction Introduce a variety of abstractions and visualize them in often strange forms, but always take it slow to ensure a pleasant view. Rob Hardy’s cinematography reveals the most hallucinogenic aspects of falling into an alien-induced madness in its own version of the mysterious, sinister and haunting “The Zone”. another world photo.

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Artificial Intelligence AI (2001)

Despite their many personal and professional relationships, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg are not very similar creatively. One person’s work seems almost nihilistic, while another’s work is truly sentimental in the depths.

This certainly contributed to the audience’s confusion about the original sound with the resulting Spielberg and Kubrick collaboration, but over time, artificial intelligence has proven itself to be an ethereal cinematic experience that rises above most that is considered attainable in the genre today.

THX 1138 (1971)

Image of a man sitting in the middle of the floor in THX 1138

first feature film Star Wars Director George Lucas delivers what you’d expect from a filmmaker who will completely change media 6 years later.

1138 baht Show the boundless ingenuity of the visual skills needed to create a fictional world much larger than you have actually constructed and often based on ideas common in the original novels. Philip Dick, Do Androids dream about electric sheep? That blade runner The movie leaves. Like most of Lucas’ work, it has been tinkered with for decades, but its original nightmarish tone still shines today.

Black Longan (2017)

Hugh Jackman in Black Label

Though in its raw form, colorful and impressive Logan It’s a good movie, black and white, black labelIt draws attention to the lighting of some scenes, not to mention masking some of the blemishes left behind by the superhero genre’s need for extensive digital effects shooting.

James Mangold’s brooding, brooding over comic films creates a truly retro backdrop that’s often indistinguishable from our times, but fortunately it’s sprinkled with some extra context. Impressive Western-themed emotional scenes. There is also a familiar posterity theme that could come from Logan And runner 2049Co-writer Michael Green.

she (2013)

In many ways, Spike Jones she completely opposite runner 2049One paints an extremely cold and bleak portrait of the future as a cautionary tale, while the other paints something more representative of our present reality, almost tantalizing. when looking at.

Hoyte van Hoytema’s cinematography is warm and often inclusive, making it easy to blend in. sheA vision of the near future. It makes it easier for its lonely character to get lost in a sea of ​​people and information.

TRON: Inheritance (2010)

before more personal passion projects forgetJoseph Kosinski’s belated sequel to the 1982 Disney movie create updates the minds of modern audiences and transforms its famous digital universe into something visually striking like the groundbreaking effects of the original.

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In a darker backdrop, the basic blue/orange tones really pop in the sparse neon lights, while Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda combines modern computer-generated effects with vision. Kosinski’s architecture in Together.

Fountain (2006)

Darren Aronofsky’s exploration of death through historical fantasy, romantic drama, and science fiction is a fascinating experience, thanks in no small part to the film’s ingenuity in its use of technique. capture macros instead of digital effects.

The holistic, pragmatic, rather than digital, approach taken by Aronofsky and director of photography Matthew Libatque created a rare high-concept, low-budget sci-fi novel that still stands. over a decade later, as the myriad digital effects are sure to overwhelm it. Aging.

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)

Panos Cosmatos’ love letter to the sci-fi thrillers of yesteryear is a loving reimagining of old-fashioned style and a captivatingly sinister color palette.

Set primarily in the underground laboratory of the New Age cult, Beyond the black rainbow The use of grainy 35mm photography isn’t just for nostalgia, it creates a completely unique experience enhanced by the psychedelic rock soundtrack and relentless moments of darkness, runner 2049 Definitely very happy.

Among the Stars (2014)

Christopher Nolan’s modern interpretation of space exploration benefits greatly from the same warm and romantic tones that visual director Hoyte van Hoytema brings to the film. she Last year.

Much of the story is about the coldness of space and the feeling of despair in the face of entropy, but among the stars Essentially, it’s a sweet and emotional movie designed to wake, not dampen, their spirits.

Aliens (1979)

Nostromo's crew enter the abandoned ship in Alien

Has anyone ever loved? runner 2049 Of course you should read the original book by Ridley Scott blade runner, but even today, the director’s first foray into the realm of science fiction is perhaps more important to the genre’s growth and arguably more beautiful. Scott’s classic sci-fi thriller, alienAlmost ageless over the past forty years, its production design still captivates fans today just as it did in 1979.

HR Giger’s clever combination of creature and mechanics goes beyond iconic monster designs. Swallowing humans into machines is one of the film’s biggest themes, and it shows in everything from the setting to the story.

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