What Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’s Logo Tells Us About The Movie

To entice fans back into cinemas, Marvel has released a teaser video with information like new MCU trailers, titles, and release dates for upcoming movies – including: Guardians of the Galaxy 3Logo revealed. Director James Gunn has confirmed that the film will be the last in his series, but he promises it will be epic. The film’s mark may just be a clue to what fans can expect from the ending.

this Guardians of the Galaxy The film follows a group of typical criminals as they go from individual criminals to band together to form a group of interstellar heroes dedicated to protecting the universe. Guardians of the Galaxy Reinforced catchy background music. But throughout the Guardians’ presence in the MCU, they’ve struggled with heavier themes, such as the death of a father accompanied by their own death. Guardians of the Galaxy 3The icon hints that the final film in the series is ready to continue down the same path.

One Reddit fan theory predicts that the color of the logo heralds the death of a beloved character. Redditor Cabballer commented that Guardians of the Galaxy 2The logo is red and blue. This matches Yondu’s death at the climax of the film. Guardians of the Galaxy 3The logo is red and gray and is closely associated with Drax (Dave Bautista). Sadly, this could mean the character’s time in Guardians could end in the upcoming movie.

Several elements of the logo point to the serious events that end the series. The logos of the first two films are very vivid, both in terms of color scheme and spatial background. Guardians of the Galaxy 3on the other hand, have softer colors and a solid black background. The number 3 in the logo is surrounded by vertical lines, reminiscent of old stereo amplifiers and seems to mimic the idea of ​​increasing the volume. The combination of all these shows that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 The biggest – but possibly the biggest tear-jerker – of the series.

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However, the Drax theory is not iron. Fans on the subreddit think the gray and red combination could represent Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon or Drax. One fan even thought guardian 3 Will be more likely to kill Rocket because he survived the snap. But there is important evidence pointing to Drax’s death – Bautista recently said he expected Guardians of the Galaxy 3 This is his last appearance as Drax. While Bautista rejected the notion that Drax would be killed, Marvel is known for being tight-lipped. With a serious and epic ending directed by James Gunn and guardian The cast joked that, along with Bautista saying he’s broken up with Drax, all signs point to his character leaving. Whether it’s death or something else, Drax will definitely participate Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

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