Leverage: 10 Eliot Quotes We’ll Always Remember

When a group of criminals gather on the screen to use their individual skills, they are a team. Usually, the group does some impressive illegal activities, split the bounty and then go their separate ways. Usethe show started that way, but the group quickly got back together and “just had to do one more job.”

Over the course of 5 seasons, the team has become a family, using their skills to help those in need, following Robin Hood’s way of rescuing the riches of the corrupt and giving them away. for the persecuted.

Eliot Spencer was the team’s “scorer”. He is the one responsible for neutralizing enemies and protecting teammates. However, due to his various skills (such as music), he also becomes a multi-tasking leader and shows flexibility. He has tons of great quotes along the way.

“Overconfidence will kill you faster than a bullet any day. Fear is good.”

Elliott has always shown confidence in his actions. He knows exactly how skilled he is and how to best handle any brawl he gets into. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be scared, he pointed it out to Hardison.

Hardison is in an unfamiliar position in a scam, and Elliott advises him that “fear is a good thing.” Hardison tends to play confidently and make things worse for teams, so the suggestion makes sense.

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“Don’t ask me that, Parker. Because if you ask me, I’ll tell you. So please don’t ask me.”


When Eliot first started his journey on the show, he didn’t seem to have any problems with his past. He’s done a lot of retrieval work regarding nasty behavior, but he never seems to let them get in his head.

As the series progresses, Elliott’s plot becomes clearer and viewers realize that some of the things he’s stuck with him. As the team takes on Damien Moreau, Elliott reveals that the worst things he’s ever done were when he worked for Moreau and he didn’t want to share them. This tells the audience how bad the actions are. It’s been a vulnerable moment for Eliot, which really affects who the team is dealing with.

“What do you mean? What kind of Whumpa-Whumpa?”

Elliott and Parker's Leverage

Elliott is very observant. This leads to many humorous lines that show how impressive his memory is. This is one of them.

As Hardison described the noise he heard, Elliott wondered about its exact details. He tried to warn his friends what kind of helicopter was on his way, but he couldn’t make it in time. Eliot knew things the rest of the group didn’t, which was a good joke and kept surprising them.

“It depends on the torture. It depends on the people. When do we start? [After Being Yelled At By An Interrogator] So we start tomorrow, then. ”


Eliot has always been underestimated by his enemies. That’s part of his appeal, and it’s likely to continue in the series’ revival. A former CIA agent working with college students tries to intimidate Elliott when he infiltrates a group conducting illegal experiments on the university campus.

Elliott, disguised as a street veteran, didn’t look threatening until he entered the interrogation room. And that’s when he showed just a little bit of himself, making his enemies sweat. It is extremely satisfying for the audience to participate in the joke.

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“It’s a very unique style.”

Elliott Parker and Hardison's Failed Work in Leverage Episodes

Eliot is a master at noticing the most random things around him. It was another sign of his keen observation skills. He notices specific variations in shoes, hairstyles, fighting styles, and even dialects of different languages.

It became a joke in the series, when Eliot was in the team’s weaker scene, he was able to give the team a full list of details just by hearing a word or seeing a pair of shoes. Parker and Hardison are often the ones most shocked to learn that Elliott is right.

“No one can throw Hudson off the roof…except me perhaps.”

Hardison and Elliott's Leverage

As the movie begins, Hardison and Eliot can’t stand each other. However, they quickly help each other out of trouble when needed. Throughout the series, they grow closer and closer.

Although Elliott could tell that Hardison was driving him crazy, their relationship was one of the strongest in the series. They never turned their backs on each other. Hardison and Eliot may even occasionally threaten each other, but they never cause physical harm.

“Once…half. Since I’m the one sent to kill him, I think it counts as half, right?”

Take advantage of the original team

As we all know, Elliott has a dark past. What is clear, however, is that he has a conscience. Some of his work is not simply search and rescue but assassination, which he doesn’t actually do.

The excerpt mentions that he saved a man’s life “one and a half times”. Eliot decided not to kill him but to help him survive. Many of Eliot’s stories have similar endings, proving that he is not the shady criminal he claims to be.

“I just used violence as an appropriate response.”

Elliott vs Sterling in terms of leverage

Hardison often jokes that Elliott needs to hit something to feel better. He usually doesn’t like Elliott’s first reaction to a difficult situation as helplessness. Even Nate warned Elliot not to react violently before Elliott responded with this sentence.

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In this case, it’s because Nate’s rival, Sterling, walks into the bar the team uses as their base. When Eliot realized that Sterling was there, he used violence in response to the other’s presence, but the others let it happen because they understood that Sterling in the past had driven the team away. down. They assumed Eliot’s reaction was (mostly) appropriate until it wasn’t, and Eliot had to calm down so they could figure out why Sterling was there in the first place.

“Someone wants to do my job, right? Because I’m going to get punched and kicked.”

Leverage Hardison Eliot Parker

When Use To begin with, each team member has its own niche. They have specific roles within the group and do not like to work outside of their roles when involved in a major heist. That gradually changed.

As the group began to learn how to do other people’s work, Elliott realized that almost no one else was interested in learning how to be successful on the team. He taught a number of skills to Hardison and Parker throughout the show, but they never actually took on his role.

“Look, take a knife like this and cut an onion. Take a knife like this and cut like eight Yakuza in four seconds.”

Elliott's Leverage as a Chef

One of the biggest revelations about Eliot comes to work when the group tries to infiltrate a robber’s daughter’s wedding. As a member of the wedding planning team, each team member has different wedding responsibilities. Hardison is the DJ, Sophie is the wedding planner, Nate is the priest, Parker is Sophie’s assistant and hostess, and Eliot is in charge of catering.

Turns out, Eliot was in the family kitchen. He knows how to use the knife in many ways, not just against enemies. Once it’s revealed that he’s a great cook, there’s no going back. Several episodes showcased his culinary skills and knowledge of food, giving depth to his character.

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