What Happened To Michael Barrymore On This Morning? Scandal and Controversy

Barrymore stands as a legendary comedian and television personality renowned for his role in hosting game shows and light-hearted entertainment programs on British television throughout the 1990s. His impressive roster includes the helm of several well-known shows like “My Kind of People,” “My Kind of Music,” “Kids Say the Funniest Things,” “Strike It Lucky,” and even his eponymous program, “Barrymore.” During the height of his career, from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, he enjoyed immense popularity as one of the highest-paid television performers in the UK. He consistently ranked as one of the country’s most cherished television stars. In recent times, this veteran TV presenter resurfaced in media headlines due to a chaotic incident during his appearance on “This Morning.” The original intent was to conduct a promotional interview for his new play. However, Michael Barrymore’s behavior during the segment took an unexpected turn, resulting in a rather disordered situation. Appearing on “This Morning” on August 3, the former 90s television luminary, previously embroiled in a controversy regarding death in his swimming pool, displayed erratic conduct that left viewers both surprised and bewildered.

What Happened To Michael Barrymore On This Morning?

During his appearance, his speech exhibited clear slurring, he frequently disrupted the hosts, and he made light-hearted remarks about his legal predicaments. Compounding the disorder, he even asserted unfamiliarity with the hosts, Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle. At a particular juncture, Michael’s outburst nearly derailed the show, leaving the hosts, Josie and Craig, to skillfully manage the situation. Notably, with Holly Willoughby’s co-host, Phillip Schofield, having departed earlier in the year, Josie and Craig had taken on hosting duties for the summer in her absence. Michael’s unconventional behavior prompted an on-air pause as he jokingly queried the hosts’ identities, playfully stating, “I assumed it was Alison and the other person; who are you two?!” He even playfully mimicked Craig’s Irish accent, prompting Josie to humorously retort, “It’s my turn now!”

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Following a commercial break, Michael displayed greater composure. However, he continued to express unfamiliarity with Craig. He maintained that his playful comments were exclusively intended to amuse the audience. In the aftermath of the interview, social media, particularly Twitter, erupted with strong reactions. Viewers voiced anger and frustration at Michael’s demeanor, with some describing the situation as “agonizing.” Criticism was directed at his disrespectful behavior towards Craig, Josie, and the show as a whole. The incident led to speculations about Michael’s state, with conjectures about the possible influence of alcohol or drugs. Yet, a number of observers also expressed empathy, hoping that he would seek assistance if required. While Michael didn’t directly address the ensuing criticism, he shared a TikTok video where he extended appreciation to “This Morning” for inviting him. The video provided a glimpse of his interactions with production staff and fellow guests, conveying his positive experience and anticipation for his upcoming play. He concluded with a call for kindness and positivity among his followers.

As previously stated, during the 1980s to the early 2000s, Michael enjoyed significant popularity as a prominent TV host in the United Kingdom. However, his tenure at ITV came to an end due to a tragic incident. In 2001, a tragic drowning incident claimed the life of Stuart Lubbock, aged 31, in the swimming pool of Michael’s Essex home. This unfortunate event resulted in his departure from ITV.

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