What IQ Do You Need to Be in Mensa?

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If you want to show off your intelligence and connect with people like yourself, Mensa might be a great group to join. Since you must take an IQ test to become a member, you’re probably wondering what it takes to pass. While you can get into Mensa if you do well on the IQ test, there are plenty of other ways you can qualify as well. We’ll answer all your questions about what tests you can take and how well you need to do to qualify!

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    You can take a personal qualifying test given by Mensa members. You can sign up for the test directly through Mensa as long as you take it at one of their test centers. Simply search the Mensa site to find your nearest local branch, and check their hours to find out when they will be testing next. You can choose to wait for a group test day when more people take the exam, or schedule a private test session with an administrator. It all depends on the type of test environment you like best.[2]

    • Unfortunately, you can’t qualify for Mensa using the online test you took at home.
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    Mensa also passes certain IQ and cognitive ability tests. The Mensa page lists all the passed tests and scores you’ve already taken, so check them out to see if you’ve already qualified. If you can use your external test, simply send the original or a certified copy of your scores to your local Mensa Admissions office and pay the $40 fee. They will check your results and send you an acceptance letter if you meet the requirements. Some common tests and qualifying scores are:[3]

    • Test of Cognitive Abilities: Composite Score 132
    • Differential Ability Scales: GCA 132
    • Otis-Gamma test: IQ 131
    • LSAT: 95th percentile rank
    • Henmon-Nelson: 132
    • Other approved tests and their qualifying scores can be found here: https://www.us.mensa.org/join/testscores/#qualifying-scores.
    • Unfortunately, you can’t use ACT or SAT composite scores if you took them after 1989 or 1994, respectively.
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    Mensa tests are confidential, but the practice tests ask logical questions. Mensa does not publish or publish copies of its official tests, so the questions you receive are different for each test. However, the practice tests and quizzes on the Mensa site ask more questions about choosing the next shape or number in a logical sequence.[4]

    • Free Mensa tests can be taken here: https://www.mensa.org.au/membership-information/practice-tests/practice-tests.
    • You can play the Mensa IQ Challenge quiz to get an idea of ​​the questions that may appear on the entrance exam. You can find the game here: https://www.mensa.org/public/mensa-iq-challenge.
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    The culture fair test asks questions about how shapes are related to each other. The culture fair test is a non-verbal option that you can choose if you are not fluent in English or if you do not want to take a standard test. Check if he can determine pattern recognition and relationships between different shapes and shapes. Just ask for the fair culture test when you sign up to get the real test.[5]

    • You can take the culture fair test only if you attend the group test.
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    The test can be quite demanding if you are not prepared. To get into Mensa, you need to answer enough questions correctly to rank in the top 2% of the general population.[6]
    The tests usually start with some easy questions, but get more difficult as you progress.[7]
    The entire test takes about 1-2 hours.

    • While it may seem overwhelming, taking your time with each question and double checking your answers can help you get it right.
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    You can purchase a practice test to get an idea of ​​your final score. Although the practice test will not qualify you for membership, you can get an accurate estimate of how you will do on the actual test. The practice test takes about 30 minutes and you will immediately see your result as soon as you finish.[8]

    • The practice test costs around $10 and can be found here: https://www.us.mensa.org/join/mht/.
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