What you see first in this mind-bending optical illusion says a lot about you & reveals if you are social or aggressive

THANKS to a handy psychological trick, a man claims he can tell a lot about your personality in just a few seconds.

However, insight does not come from asking deep questions; instead, discovery comes from what you see for the first time in a simple optical illusion.


What do you see first in this optical illusion? Credit: @charlesmeriot/Tiktok

TikTok star Charles Meriot regularly shares optical illusions and personality tests on his page, where the comment sections are full of viewers debating the accuracy of the clips and revealing what they saw first.

In a recent clip, Charles explained what his latest illusion can reveal about the viewer’s personality.

Meriot showed the illusion behind him as he asked, “What did you see first?”

He explained, “If you saw a man reading a book first, it means that you care a lot about social and romantic relationships, but you have trouble opening up to other people.

“If you saw the face first, it means you’re charismatic and laid back, but sometimes you have rapid mood swings that can make you very aggressive and unpredictable.”

Charles’ video obviously caught the interest of a lot of people as it garnered a whopping 883.6k views.

It has 62.2 thousand likes, 655 comments and 727 shares.

In the comments section, many viewers reported what they saw.

One person said: “I saw a face and it’s definitely true.”

Another added: “I saw the face first.”

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A third commented: “It’s true! I saw a man reading a book!

Another said: “I saw both…”

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And it’s safe to say that TikTokers were surprised at how accurate Charles’s descriptions were.

One user commented: “In the right place.”

Another said: “How did you know about my mood swings, aggression and unpredictability?”

A third commented, “That was very true.”

See for yourself: which image do you like?

And are Charles’s predictions correct?

If you saw a man reading a book for the first time, is it hard for you to open up?

Or if you saw the face first, would you say that you can become aggressive?

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