What you see first in this optical illusion reveals whether you’re kind and forgiving or a very secretive person

The FIRST thing you see in this optical illusion reveals whether you’re incredibly friendly or quite secretive.

Taking to social media, the psychology expert challenged viewers to try to spot two different shapes in a black and yellow image.


Are you kind and forgiving or are you a secretive person? Credits: tiktok/@mia_yilin/What you see in this optical illusion reveals a lot about you


What you see in this optical illusion reveals a lot about you Credits: tiktok/@mia_yilin/

Revealing what each version of the image reveals about you, she said: “If you saw the hunched over woman first, then you are a person of the highest morals.

“Not only are you kind and forgiving, but you are also generous.”

Mia Yilin further said that the picture also reveals that you are known for being positive and tend to do things efficiently.

She continued: “You are great at picking up social cues and are easily influenced by negative behavior from other people.”

On the other hand, if the first thing you saw was a man’s face, it means that you are a “very secretive person”.

TikTok user @mia_yilin continued: “In fact, you often feel like no one truly understands the REAL you.

“You like to look at things analytically and logically and you don’t want to please people.

“Instead, you like to carve your own path and make your own decisions.”

She added: “That being said, what you want most is the reassurance that others love you.”

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “I saw the man’s face and it’s true,” followed by a smiley emoji.

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Another shared: “Well I saw the man’s face and it’s terrifyingly accurate”.

A third posted: “Why does he read me like a book every time. Single. Time.”

“Woman. It’s true,” revealed the fourth.

While the fifth said: “I saw the lady first”.

And the sixth joked: “Am I the only one who had no idea what he was looking at”.

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