What you see first in this optical illusion reveals your most awkward personality trait

What you see first in this optical illusion will reveal your most awkward personality trait.

We all have one weird trait, find out what yours is.


The optical illusion, which is a wall painting in Mexico, depicts Venustiano CarranzaCredit: Getty Images

The whole illusion is interesting, to put it nicely, but the part of the illusion that caught your eye first determines what your awkward trait is.

If the first thing you noticed was the man’s head, then you tend to share your opinion when no one asked for it, according to The Mind Journal website.

This trait may lead to others thinking of you as weird or socially awkward in group settings.

Some people may feel disrespected when that happens.

It may be your intention to be helpful by sharing your knowledge but it doesn’t always come off that way.

In these situations try listening to other people’s perspectives instead of just giving them advice they didn’t ask for.

If you noticed the people on the side of the train first, nosiness is your most awkward trait, according to the same website.

Curiosity is what killed that cat and potentially you! You want to be involved in someone’s personal life but forget that you aren’t entitled to this information.

Too much gossip can land you in hot water. People will trust you more when you mind your own business.

Lastly, if the first thing you noticed was the train, your awkwardness is a lack of manners.

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A student looking away from her laptop in deep thought


A student looking away from her laptop in deep thoughtCredit: Getty Images

Some may consider this to be silly but others don’t like it at all.

You can’t always just say what’s on your mind.

Saying things without thinking about someone’s feelings will result in you being lonely one day.

You should keep in mind that people have feelings that should be respected.

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