What you see in this eye-popping optical illusion will reveal if you trust people or not

Do you think deep down you trust people? An optical illusion can reveal your true feelings.

A YouTube video asked viewers to choose whether they saw a face or a tail in a cartoon image, so what do YOU ​​see?


What do you see first in this optical illusion? Credit: YouTube

If you see a dog’s face, it can mean that you are “super friendly” and always in the “center of attention.”

The Bright Side video, which has amassed 235,500 views, reads: “You’re also protective and loyal.”

However, it is also possible to see a dog’s tail.

The video added: “If he’s bugging you, you’re probably more reserved and don’t trust people easily.”

Did you see the tail or the face first?

Many people were impressed by the illusion, with one person saying, “I found this very interesting.”

Another added: “What if you look at a picture and see both at once?”

A third commented: “I love these optical illusion drawings, it’s interesting to see if others see the same or differently.”

If you liked this illusion, Bright Side offered several on his channel.

One asked people to decide if they saw a woman looking out the window or a skull.

He explained: “If you notice a woman looking out the window first, you might be inclined to overlook the dangers.

“You may even be risking your life without realizing it.

“Sometimes you are too spontaneous and a bit naive.

“That’s why you can often find yourself unprepared for unpleasant consequences.”

Did you see the skull first?

The video explains: “Did you notice the skull first?

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“If so, you are a realist, not an idealist.

“You probably come across as a bit cynical to people who don’t know you well, but your mindset is that all good things come to an end one day.”


If you saw the dog’s face first, the video says you’re showing you’re “friendly,” but if you saw the tail, it means you “don’t trust people.” Credit: YouTubeWhat do you see first in this optical illusion of a skull or the woman looking through the window?


What do you see first in this optical illusion of a skull or the woman looking through the window?

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