Besso Harper – Know All About Ben Harper’s Son

The world of music is home to a number of musicians who have achieved stellar levels of fame. Many singers have left their mark in history. Ben Harper is one such name. Ben was born Benjamin Charles Harper and has won many awards, including three Grammys.

The famous musician is proud to be the father of 5 children born to different mothers. Jaclyn Matfus was his third wife. She has a son, Besso Harper, with her. Because of Ben’s popularity, many people are interested in his child.

With Jaclyn, son of Ben Harper

As said earlier, Ben Harper is happily married to Jaclyn Matfus. On January 1, 2015, the couple got married.

Ben Harper

Besso Harper, Ben Harper’s youngest son with Jaclyn, is his only child. The couple’s journalist announced the couple’s pregnancy to Us Weekly in March 2017. Additionally, in 2014, Bess’ father said he wanted to expand his family with his mother.

Besso was born on June 17, 2017, fulfilling Ben’s wish to expand his family. Besso Harper’s parents kept him out of the public eye. His parents did not take him to any activities and they had to protect his privacy until he was mature enough to make his own decisions. Little Besso must have had a wonderful time growing up in a well-groomed environment.

Will Besso follow in his father’s footsteps?

Young Ben Harper grew up in a musical family. Father Besso Harper is a famous musician and songwriter. The singer has gained a solid reputation in the music world. Alternatively, Besso may have developed an interest in music due to his father’s influence. Furthermore, Bess’s father tries to introduce him and his half-brothers into the world of music. In an interview with Fatherly, he said that they wrote the first songs for his four children while they were still in the womb, and that he played music to them before they were even born.

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Ben went on to say that he often puts the speaker right on his partner’s belly and plays a variety of artists like Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, and Bob Dylan. He may have behaved similarly during Jaclyn’s pregnancy with Bess. So who knows, maybe Besso will grow up and develop into a top musician. He may even surpass his father’s success. Besides, his father will likely support him in whatever career he chooses. So let’s hope that Ben’s child will have a successful career.

Be the youngest child of Ben

As stated before, Ben Harper’s son, Besso Harper, is his only child with Jaclyn. As the only child of his parents, he is certainly spoiled and spoiled.

Although Besso is Jaclyn’s only child, he is Ben’s fifth and youngest child. Before marrying his mother, his father was married to two other women. Ben Harper has two children with his first wife, Joanna Harper: Charles Joseph Harper and Harris Aliyah Harper, also known as Harris Harper.

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After the breakdown of his first marriage, his father Besso Harper married famous actress Laura Dern. Ellery Walker Harper and Jaya Harper are their two children. And that marriage ended, and finally Bess’s father and mother got married. As the youngest of the Harper siblings, Besso must have received a lot of love from her siblings. Despite their different mothers, the Harper children are very close and often appear together on many different occasions. Besso Harper, Ben Harper’s boy, must enjoy growing up with his brothers. However, let’s hope to see more of him in the coming days and wish him the best of luck in his health and future endeavors.

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