Where is Isabella Guzman today? Woman who Stabbed her Mother

Many people have been searching for the whereabouts of Isabella Guzmán. Before we continue, we tell you that Isabella Guzmán is a convicted murderer who killed her mother during an incident that occurred in 2013. Almost ten years have passed since the incident occurred, but people can still feel the brutality of the murder. Recently, the search for the whereabouts of Isabella Guzmán has increased. Many people are looking for information about Isabella Guzmán and her criminal record. In fact, some people also thought that she had died. It’s true? Let’s dive into the details and find out the facts about Isabella Guzman. Please adhere to this page and read it completely. Shoot down.

Where is Isabella Guzmán today?

Isabella Guzmán is a girl who turned a blind eye in 2013 due to a tragic incident. Isabella Guzmán allegedly brutally stabbed her mother at her home in Aurora, Colorado. Court documents state that Isabella Guzmán stabbed her mother 79 times in her neck, torso and face. Her mother was known as Yun Hi Moy. This incident dates back to August 2013. After the incident, Isabella’s father found her standing over Yun with a knife. Isabella allegedly ran away from her home after killing her mother, but the police arrested her the next day. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

During the judicial process it was learned that Isabella Guzmán had been suffering from disturbing delusions for a long time due to her suffering from schizophrenia. The doctors stated in the report that she believed her mother was not her mother and that she was killing a woman named Cecelia to save others. Meanwhile, Isabella Guzmán pleaded not guilty and the court accepted the confession. Isabella’s stepfather Guzman said that there have been problems between Isabella and Yun Hi since her childhood. He continues reading this article to find out more details.

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Supposedly, Isabella Guzmán was only 7 years old when she was sent to live with her father due to a troubled relationship with her mother. But in the end she went back to live with her mother. Speaking of rumors about her death, the ongoing rumors about Isabella Guzmán are not legitimate at all, since she is in a mental health center where she is receiving treatment. She was referred to a mental health center in 2020. It’s been about three years since she joined the center. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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