Where to Find Doctor Slone in Fortnite (Week 10 Challenge)

Dr. Sloane bravely fights alien invaders fortnite. In this week’s Week 10 challenge, players need to deal 50 damage directly to her. While Dr. Sloan has battled aliens throughout the season, she’s not the biggest fan of those who stand in her way.period fortnite In week 9, players must eliminate the invaders, but week 10 focuses on fighting back the aliens. As each week gets closer to the finale, it will be interesting to see where the story takes players next.

The neat part about this fortnite The challenge is that players don’t need to actually defeat Dr. Sloane to complete it, but only need to deal 50 points of damage. Batman revealed Dr. Sloan’s secret origin earlier this season. The player can choose to join and stay in the fight to get her pulse rifle, but the player can also run away after taking 50 damage. She will be surrounded by other IO guards, making it difficult for her to do 1v1 challenges.

Where to find Dr. Sloan in Fortnite (Week 10 Challenge)

Players will be able to encounter fortniteold-fashioned complex. She is right in the center of this location. Players should equip a suitable weapon and shield before approaching her. Once she notices the player, she will attack them. She acts like a boss fight, taking a lot of damage before being defeated. If the player is brave enough, they can also choose to land in her area and attack her with a pickaxe. Swinging the pickaxe 5 times is enough to complete the weekly challenge. Players who complete this challenge will be rewarded with 30,000 XP.

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As mentioned, if players decide to stick around and defeat her, they can grab her pulse rifle.hard to imagine fortniteThe IO Guardians will treat players well when they defeat their leader. With the seventh season coming to a close in September, players can’t wait to see where the story takes place next. Challenges like using the Grabitron to roll out the toilet will remain one of the most fun challenges of the season. Will Dr. Sloan succeed in getting the aliens off Fortnite Island, or will things get worse from here on out? Season 8 is full of mystery, so players will have to wait until September to get started.

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