Where to Watch Inspector Morse? How to Watch Inspector Morse? Does Inspector Morse Ever Marry?

Where to watch Inspector Morse? In this article, we will discuss the viewing options for the series and discuss whether Inspector Morse will ever get married in the context of the series.

Inspector Morse

Inspector Morse is a gripping British detective drama television series based on a collection of novels by Colin Dexter. The series features the talented John Thaw as Detective Chief Inspector Morse, alongside Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis.

Spanning thirteen years, from 1987 to 2000, the series delivered 33 engaging episodes, each lasting two hours (100 minutes without commercials). Namely, Colin Dexter himself appeared in numerous episodes, although he did not receive official credits for his episodic roles.

Inspector Morse’s huge popularity and recognition are visible through various recognitions. In 2018, Radio Times readers honored the series with the title of the greatest British crime drama of all time. Furthermore, the British Film Institute recognized its significance by placing it at number 42 in its esteemed list of the 100 best British television programs of 2000.

The influence and legacy of Inspector Morse has extended beyond the original series. It paved the way for two notable successors: the spin-off series Lewis and the prequel Endeavour. These subsequent series continued to captivate audiences with their compelling stories and well-developed characters, further enriching the world of the Morse universe.

The enduring appeal and critical acclaim surrounding Inspector Morse is a testament to his extraordinary storytelling, powerful performances and the timeless appeal of a brilliant detective unraveling complex mysteries. Its place as Britain’s favorite crime drama remains firmly established, winning over generations of viewers and cementing its position as a true television classic.

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Where to watch Inspector Morse?

“Inspector Morse” is available to stream on various platforms, including Britbox Apple TV Channel, BritBox and BritBox Amazon Channel. These streaming services offer viewers the opportunity to enjoy the gripping British detective drama at their convenience.

BritBox Apple TV Channel is a platform that provides access to a wide range of British television shows, including “Inspector Morse”. Subscribers can watch the series on their Apple TV devices, allowing them to immerse themselves in the compelling investigations led by Detective Chief Inspector Morse.

BritBox, a popular streaming service dedicated to British television, also offers “Inspector Morse” as part of its extensive content library. With a BritBox subscription, viewers can access the entire series and immerse themselves in the intriguing world of Morse’s detective work, following his quest alongside Sergeant Lewis.

In addition, fans of “Inspector Morse” can also enjoy the series through the BritBox Amazon Channel. This channel, available to Amazon Prime members, allows users to stream a wide selection of British TV shows, including the acclaimed detective drama. With access to the BritBox Amazon Channel, viewers can enjoy suspenseful episodes and immerse themselves in the intricate mysteries unfolding under Morse’s watchful eye.

With these streaming options available, “Inspector Morse” fans can comfortably enjoy the series at their leisure. Whether via the Britbox Apple TV channel, BritBox or the BritBox Amazon channel, viewers can immerse themselves in the world of Morse’s investigations, enjoying the captivating storytelling and timeless appeal of this beloved British detective drama.

Does Inspector Morse ever get married?

No, Morse never married. Fans of the long-running series “Inspector Morse,” which aired from 1987 to 2000, are aware that the main character, Chief Inspector Morse, never married during the entire series. This fact is emphasized throughout the series, with Morse occasionally expressing regret at his lack of married life and companionship.

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On the other hand, Morse’s colleague, Detective Inspector Jim Strange, is shown as a married man. Strange is shown to be married to an unnamed Mrs. Strange, whom Morse doesn’t really like. This dynamic adds a layer of complexity to the relationship between Morse and Strange, as their different attitudes towards marriage and their partners contribute to the interpersonal dynamics within the series.

The absence of a spouse in Morse’s life allows the character to completely immerse himself in his work, devoting his time and energy to solving complex cases. It also adds a sense of melancholy and longing, as Morse occasionally ponders the possibility of a different personal life that he never pursued.

These aspects of Morse’s character and his relationship with Strange’s marriage add depth to the series’ overall story. They add to the exploration of Morse’s complexity as a character and help shape the dynamic between him and his colleagues, further enhancing the storytelling and character development throughout the series.

How many seasons does Inspector Morse have?

Inspector Morse has 8 series, each with 4 episodes, which means a total of 33 episodes. There were also 5 specials, bringing the total number of episodes to 38. The series was broadcast between 1987 and 2000.



First aired

Last aired



January 6, 1987

January 20, 1987



December 25, 1987

March 22, 1988



January 4, 1989

January 25, 1989



January 3, 1990

January 24, 1990



February 20, 1991

March 27, 1991



February 26, 1992

April 15, 1992



January 6, 1993

January 20, 1993



November 29, 1995

November 15, 2000

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