Who Is Bruce Perreault From “Survivor” Season 44?

Season 44 of Survivor comes out this week, with 18 newly-abandoned people trying to make a living in the wilderness of the Fiji Islands. Bruce Perrault, a US Navy survivor from Rhode Island, is one of the contenders to compete in the upcoming season (according to his Instagram bio).

The contestant describes himself as energetic and competitive, believing that despite his turn, he will be the sole winner of the show as he will be “sociable and dependable” thanks to his intelligence. me. Season 44 of Survivor will premiere on CBS on March 1 at 8:00 PM ET.

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Season 44 survivor Bruce Perrault has begun working as a financial advisor to MassMutual.

The former Section 44 Survivor contestant is now an account custodian at Specialist Insurance Services in Providence County, Rhode Island. The 46-year-old insurance salesman, who describes himself as “energetic, funny and fierce”, wanted to join the CBS show because he thinks social experimentation is destroying people just to challenge them. stand up.

In addition to being a US Navy veteran, Season 44 Survivor contestant is also an entrepreneur and Real Estate creator Bruce Perrault, helping people buy homes and helping buyers make the best decisions when it comes to real estate. sell. According to his LinkedIn profile, Bruce didn’t start his business career. He has been employed since 2007 and his first job was at MassMutual where he worked as a financial advisor for 5 years. He is responsible for working directly with business owners, providing financial services, gathering facts, evaluating complaints and making responsible recommendations during his tenure with the company.

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He then worked as a financial advisor for Baystate Financial for a year before becoming a Senior Banker at Santander Bank from 2014 to 2016. After that, he started working as a senior banker. Senior personal finance agent at the Bank of Rhode Island. This is followed by his current position as Account Supervisor for Specialist Insurance Services which he has held since November 2019.

Bruce Perreault

Bruce doesn’t have an easy life, but he believes his tough upbringing has best equipped him for television. In an interview with Parada, he talked about growing up in the foster care system. He testified that he had been abandoned and that officers only discovered him after three days.

Then he said:

“So there’s a degree of survival there, even though I don’t realize it; I was two years old. But growing up in the foster care system gives you a sense of survival because you never know how long you’ll be with the person there.”

The Season 44 Survivor contestant also said that his daughters advised him to enjoy himself while on the show. They told him to enjoy himself no matter what. About the show, Bruce said he’s watched every episode since the third week of the first season, and of all the previous contestants, he’s related to Jeremy Collins the most because he played a game. “value-based”. He said he idolized Coach because he was “cool” and “full of energy”. The premiere of Survivor Season 44 will air on CBS on Wednesday, March 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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