Who Is Stacie Marie Laughton? Transgender State Representative Arrested

We are pleased to inform you that former New Hampshire State Representative Stacie-Marie Laughton has been arrested and charged with several serious charges, including child pornography. Stacie-Marie Laughton is also very popular for being a transgender state representative, but she also has an extensive criminal record. Recently, former New Hampshire State Representative Stacie-Marie Laughton was arrested on Thursday, June 22, 2023. Ever since the news of Stacie-Marie Laughton’s arrest was confirmed, people have been following the news about this case. Do you know what the charges are against Stacie-Marie Laughton? If not, the next column will help you with that. Learn more about the arrest of Stacie-Marie Laughton in the sections below. Scroll down the page to read more details.

Stacie Marie Laughton: Transgender State Rep Arrested

According to appeal documents, Stacie-Marie Laughton is accused of distributing child sexual abuse images. The self-proclaimed transgender former state representative reportedly got it from his former partner who worked with children in Tyngboro. She allegedly was in a romantic relationship with her ex-partner who gave her images of child sexual abuse. Meanwhile, Nashua police have charged a former transgender state representative with child pornography after arresting him on Thursday, June 22, 2023. Who is Stacie-Marie Laughton’s former romantic partner? Read more details in the next section.

Stacie Marie Laughton

The former romantic partner of Stacie-Marie Laughton who allegedly gave her the child sexual abuse images is known as Lindsay Groves, from Houston. Lindsay Groves is 38 years old. Additionally, Ella Lindsay worked with children in Tyngsboro. Speaking of the self-proclaimed transgender former state representative, Stacie-Marie Laughton is from Derry, NH. She is currently 39 years old. As mentioned, Stacie-Marie Laughton has a long criminal record, having resigned from the state legislature a year ago amid multiple harassment charges. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Stacie Marie Laughton

Now, Stacie-Marie Laughton has been charged with four counts of distributing child sexual abuse images allegedly taken at a local day care center. The former state representative is a biological man, but lives as a woman, which is why some called him a woman. Stacie-Marie Laughton was elected in 2012, but was unable to serve because her criminal past came to light, resulting in her being placed on probation for felony credit card fraud in 2008. Now, the police in Nashua has opened a child abuse case against him. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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