Who Is Sukhjinder Lopon and why was he Arrested? Charges explained

Recently, Sukhjinder Lopon grabbed all the attention when the news of his arrest spread like wildfire across the internet. It was revealed that the police handcuffed a famous YouTuber, who apologized to the people after one of his videos caused controversy in the country. He should read the article and keep reading for more details. Follow us for all ideas.

Who is Sukhjinder Lopon?

Sukhjinder’s arrest followed days of controversy sparked by his videos. Lopon’s brother, Gurmeet Singh, broke the news to the media. Sukhjinder caught everyone’s attention after his arrest. Currently, many users are looking for additional details about his personal and professional life. Let’s delve into the identity and personal life of Sukhjinder Lopon. Scroll down to the next section for the same.

Sukhjinder Lopon

Sukhjinder Singh Lopon, in short, Sukhjinder Lopon is a famous Youtuber from Punjab, India. The content creator shared videos about farming, his town and jobs around the state on YouTube. Although he does not have many fans, he was widely known as a YouTuber in Punjab. Due to a recent controversy, a popular YouTuber from Punjab came under the spotlight. Gurmeet Singh, his brother, reportedly confirmed the news of his arrest. Apparently Lopon’s family also lived in Punjab.


Sukhjinder Lopon arrested

There is much more to explore about the content creator. As he talks about his age, he appears to be a Punjab man in his forties. Given his age, he might be a family man with a wife and children. However, there is no information about his married life. Sukhjinder Singh, Lopon was reportedly arrested by the Punjab Police State Special Operations Unit. Proceedings were initiated against the artist after many controversies in recent days.

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In the vlog, Lopon referred to breeders in Punjab, where he exaggerated the prices of the horses. His comment angered the local population. Not long after that, Vlogerica apologized to the villagers and horse breeders in a video statement. However, things got worse when Arshdeep Singh Dalla was declared a terrorist by the Indian government. Arshdeep Singh Dalla reportedly threatened to kill those who sought Lopon’s pardon.


Punjab police have registered a case against Sukhjinder Lopon for alleged links to a terrorist. Police did not arrest Lopon for commenting on horse breeders or exaggerating horse prices. Rather, his arrest occurred when authorities suspected his association with terrorist Arsha Dalla. In addition, the authorities are still reviewing his case to determine if the YouTuber is linked to a terrorist.

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