Who Owns Cocomelon & How Much Are They Worth?

name dragon cocoa It may not sound as familiar as Netflix’s latest hit or the trendiest YouTube channel, but the franchise is the perfect mix of kids’ programming. The mysterious Treasure Studio is listed as the creative force behind one of the most watched media content in the world, but not much is known about the company. Founder Jay Jeon is a man who leads a mysterious life despite owning one of the most successful entertainment properties in the world.

On a ranking basis, Cocomelon has an amazing track record. It is the second most viewed and second most viewed YouTube channel in the world after the Indian label T-Series, meaning it ranks first in the US in both categories. Cocomelon is also honored to be one of only 3 channels with more than 100 million subscribers, accumulating more than 100 Billion The comments so far. The TV version of the show, which also debuted on Netflix in June 2020, has been a major part of the streaming service’s top 10 lineup since August 2020, beating out hit movies. most guest from Queen’s Gamble arrive office It became the highest rated show on the platform last year.

Despite these record numbers, Cocomelon’s origin and background remains a mystery. Until recently, in February 2020, Bloomberg business week Discover that Jay Jeon and his unnamed wife, a children’s book illustrator, are behind the show and its animation company, Treasure Studio. Even now, the couple in Orange County, Calif., prefer to stay in the dark, out of the public eye, and quietly produce content with an anonymous team of 20, according to Cocomelon’s website.

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Jeon herself is no stranger to young showbiz. A YouTube channel started in 2006 as ThatsMEonTV as a hobby with his wife. He stated that his kids responded enthusiastically to the animated short and wanted to spread the positivity publicly. Treasure Studio changed its name to ABCkidTV in 2013, then renamed the channel again in 2018 to Cocomelon, coinciding with significant growth in viewers and subscribers.

But Jeon’s low profile simply doesn’t reflect the brand’s public image. British media company Moonbug Entertainment bought Cocomelon for an undisclosed amount last summer and plans to capitalize on its huge success. That means Cocomelon’s estimated $120 million in annual sales will be even bigger. Toy trucks and stuffed animals are available for purchase, and the nursery rhymes and children’s songs that are central to the program are also available on music services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Moonbug CEO Rene Rechtman is less shy than Jeon and says he will focus on children’s media by acquiring Blippi and Little Baby Bum, as well as Cocomelon. Over the course of the project, Moonbug has raised about $120 million, but considering that’s roughly equal to what Cocomelon makes in a year, Rechtman and company are sure to make their money back. their. Now that Moonbug is turning its humble beginnings YouTube channel into a real brand, Cocomelon is ready to take over the world. Animated music shows have become huge assets for young children.

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