Why is Sydney Leroux Not on USWNT? Is Sydney Leroux Injured?

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Who is Sydney Leroux?

Sydney Rae Leroux, born May 7, 1990, is a skilled professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist. She currently plays as a striker for Angel City FC in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Born in Canada to a Canadian mother and an American father, Leroux initially represented Canada at various youth levels. However, she later decided to play for the United States Under-20 women’s national soccer team starting in 2008. In 2012, she moved to the US senior national team and has since amassed over 75 appearances. In fact, Leroux was part of the winning American team at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2015 Women’s World Championship.

Her soccer journey also included college soccer at UCLA Bruins Women’s Soccer in NCAA Division I and playing at the semi-professional level for the Vancouver Whitecaps. At just fifteen years old, she made her debut for the Whitecaps, becoming the youngest player to represent the team. In 2012, Leroux was the first pick in the 2012 WPS Draft, selected by the Atlanta Beat. After the league’s suspension, she played for the Seattle Sounders Women during the summer of the same year.

In 2013, Sydney Leroux made her professional NWSL debut with the Boston Breakers during the league’s inaugural season. She later played for Seattle Reign FC in 2014, Western New York Flash in the 2015 season and FC Kansas City before the 2016 season. Her impressive career shows her talent and dedication to the sport, making her a significant figure in women’s soccer.


Why isn’t Sydney Leroux on the USWNT?

After a successful international career, Sydney Leroux decided to retire from the international game in 2017. However, during this period, her career took an interesting turn. In the past few years with the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT), Leroux has spent a significant amount of time on the bench. Several factors contributed to this situation, including rehabilitation from injuries, the recovery process from the birth of son Cassius, and adjusting to the new team dynamic.

Injuries played a significant role in Leroux’s reduced playing time during her final years with the USWNT. Coping with various physical difficulties, she had to go through periods of rehabilitation and recovery, which affected her availability for selection in the national team. These challenges affected her playing capabilities and overall performance on the court.

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Along with the injuries, becoming a mother to son Cassius presented new challenges for Leroux. After giving birth, she faced the demands of balancing motherhood and a professional football career. Adjusting to parenting responsibilities while maintaining peak athletic performance required significant adjustments and commitment.

Furthermore, the dynamics within the USWNT were evolving during this time. New players appeared and team strategies evolved. As the team experimented with different formations and tactics, Leroux found herself in a transition phase, adjusting to changing team dynamics and competition for starting lineup positions.

Despite facing these challenges, Leroux remained determined and focused on her career. Instead of letting her failures define her, she used those experiences as motivation to continue to strive for success in her club career and focus on her role with her team, Angel City FC, in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Since retiring from the international game, Leroux has shown her resilience and determination on the pitch. Her passion for the sport and dedication to her craft continue to shine as she excels with her club team. While her time with the USWNT may have been marked by challenges, it also provided her with invaluable experiences that have shaped her into the successful and tenacious player she is today.

Is Sydney Leroux injured?

Yes, Sydney Leroux was injured. During the previous season, Sydney Leroux went through a significant change in her soccer career as she was traded to Angel City FC. However, her debut with the new team was short-lived as she faced a major setback in the form of an ankle injury. The severity of the injury required surgical intervention, which put her on a demanding and lengthy road to recovery.

It wasn’t until Monday night that Leroux finally reached a significant milestone by returning to the field. In the match against the Chicago Red Stars, she made a triumphant turn, entering the match in the 76th minute.

Sydney Leroux’s transfer to Angel City FC marked an exciting new chapter in her football journey. As a striker, she brought her skills and experience to the team, aiming to make a significant impact on the pitch.

Unfortunately, not long after her debut, Leroux faced a severe setback. An ankle injury bypassed her and she had to undergo surgery. The injury presented considerable physical and emotional challenges, requiring tremendous determination and resilience from Leroux as she embarked on her road to recovery.

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Throughout her journey to recovery, Leroux has shown an unwavering commitment to her rehabilitation process. The arduous and often exhausting journey involved intensive physical therapy, training and support from medical professionals and her team.

Finally, after a long and arduous recovery, Sydney Leroux reached a significant milestone. On Monday night, she made her long-awaited return to the court, overcoming the obstacles that stood in her way. Entering the game against the Chicago Red Stars in the 76th minute, her return was a moment of triumph and celebration for both Leroux and her team.

The comeback not only marked a significant personal achievement for Leroux, but also served as a testament to her determination and perseverance. Her return to competitive play demonstrated her resilience and passion for the sport, inspiring her teammates and fans.

Moving forward, Sydney Leroux’s journey with Angel City FC will continue to be filled with opportunities to make a positive impact on the field. Her unwavering spirit and dedication to the game will undoubtedly propel her to new heights as she contributes to her team’s success in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and continues to inspire fellow athletes with her indomitable spirit.

Sydney Leroux World Cup 2023

In a recent appearance on the show, football star Sydney Leroux engaged in a candid conversation with Jared, discussing a range of intriguing topics. Leroux shared her thoughts on the high expectations for the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) at the upcoming 2023 World Cup, reflecting on the team’s past successes and the anticipation surrounding their appearance at the prestigious tournament.

Another exciting aspect of Leroux’s journey was her reunion with former national team teammates at Angel City FC, a meaningful moment that brought a sense of friendship and nostalgia.

During the interview, Leroux opened up about her challenging recovery process from a debilitating ankle injury. She shared her experiences of facing adversity and persevering through rehabilitation to return to the sport she loves.

In addition to her outstanding athletic achievements, Sydney Leroux also revealed her transformation into a dedicated soccer mom, balancing her athletic career with motherhood. She spoke lovingly of her young son Cassius and how being a mother enriched her life and gave her a new perspective.

Additionally, Leroux took the opportunity to build excitement among fans and supporters for the upcoming UKG NWSL Challenge Cup. Namely, this year’s tournament has a historic prize pool of one million dollars, adding an extra layer of significance and enthusiasm to the event.

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During the interview, Sydney Leroux’s passion for soccer and her unwavering commitment to the sport shone through. Her engaging and inspiring story resonated with listeners, reminding them of the dedication and hard work required to succeed in professional sports.

As the UKG NWSL Challenge Cup approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating witnessing Leroux’s dynamic performances on the court. Her remarkable journey, from overcoming adversity to embracing the joys of motherhood, serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and fans alike. With her contagious enthusiasm and indomitable spirit, Leroux continues to be a driving force in women’s soccer, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of the sport and inspiring generations of female athletes to come.

Sydney Leroux Husband

Sydney Leroux had a romantic relationship with Dom Dwyer, an English MLS player, that began in 2014. The couple’s love story blossomed, and on February 14, 2015 (Valentine’s Day, symbolically represented by her USWNT jersey number 2 and Dwyer’s number 14), they surprised fans by announcing their secret wedding in January 2015.

Their joyous union soon expanded when Sydney shared the exciting news of her pregnancy on January 25, 2016, and the couple eagerly awaited the arrival of their first child, Cassius Cruz Dwyer, due in September 2016.

In November 2018, they revealed they were expecting their second child, and in March 2019, a photo of six-month-pregnant Sydney participating in a light pre-season workout drew praise and criticism.

Their beautiful daughter, Roux James Dwyer, was born on 28 June 2019, and impressively, Sydney returned to football just three months after giving birth, showing her resilience and determination.

Despite years of love and commitment, the couple faced challenges in their relationship, and on August 6, 2021, Sydney announced their decision to divorce after six years of marriage. Although they may have gone their separate ways, Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer’s journey together left a mark on their lives, including the joy of parenthood, and will continue to cherish the memories of the time they shared as a family.

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