Why Kimiko Can’t Speak In The Boys

Kimiko has always been one of the main characters boys She hasn’t said a word since season 1 until now. The silent Supe is an integral character in the play, but many viewers may wonder why Kimiko is so silent. Although some explanation is needed, there is actually a clear answer as to why Miyashiro doesn’t speak. boys.

Kimiko is an integral member of Boys and the only superhero on the team (in boys). Kimiko and her brother Kenji grew up in Japan and were kidnapped by the Shining Liberation Army as children. The army brutally murdered parents and siblings before sending their children to fight in the Philippines. Later, Kimiko was separated from her brother after being captured and smuggled to the United States. There, she obtained Compound V, which grants Kimiko powers including increased strength, durability, and healing factors. boysKimiko is rescued by the group and decides to join them in their fight against Vought.

Since being with Shining Light until now, Kimiko has been unable to speak. Although she communicates through writing and a unique form of sign language, Kimiko doesn’t seem to be able to speak. However, boys Part 2 hints at why Kimiko is mute. Season 2 not only explores Kimiko’s backstory but also reunites her with her brother Kenji, albeit only for a short time. Kenji (who can speak) explains that the trauma of witnessing her parents being brutally murdered caused Kimiko to stop talking at a very young age, a condition that lasted until she became an adult. While the show doesn’t explain whether she can’t or doesn’t want to say kimiko boys Part 3 has started using cell phone calls. If Kimiko chooses not to speak, she doesn’t seem to want to communicate at all, so it’s safe to assume that Kimiko’s parents’ trauma has kept her quiet.

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Did Kimiko get her voice back in the boy manga?

boys TV shows have changed a lot from manga and Kimiko is one of the best examples. The series gave her a deeper backstory, as well as her real name, Kimiko is only referred to as a woman in the manga. Like in the show, Kimiko is silent in the manga, but not because she can’t speak. Instead, Kimiko is fully able to talk in the manga – she just chooses not to speak. However, Kimiko in the manga does say one thing at the end boys:”i hate mean people. “Even though she can talk the whole time boys Comics, this is the only time the young master spoke up.

Even if she doesn’t speak, Kimiko will never be silent because she is one of the strongest and most determined members of the boys. Despite the different interpretations between the series and the manga, Kimiko’s silence sets her character apart from the rest of the series, highlighting her theme and character arc. Kimiko may not be able to speak now, but she may regain her voice by the end of this year boys.

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