Why Laurent Has No Powers In The Twilight Movies

Even though Laurent has no supernatural powers Sunset In the movie adaptations, there’s an inherent reason for this villainous element. Sunset The film changes many details about traditional vampire legends. This is not a horror series but a fantasy romance story, Sunset The novel and its subsequent film adaptation reduced the scary, violent elements of the vampire story and focused more on the legendary vampire’s superpowers.

This PG-rated approach to horror mythology helps Sunset The most financially successful vampire series of all time, teenagers and teenagers watch it in bulk because very few of them are deterred by its theoretical horror content. . A part of Sunset The redefinition of the story of the vampire legend is a franchise that focuses on the individual strengths and abilities that each vampire possesses. Whether it’s Edward Cullen’s mind-reading skills or Alice Cullen’s foresight, Sunset The story with superpowers proved to be crucial to the plot of the series.

However, not all vampires possess personal superpowers Sunset universe. For example, while the Volturi are the most powerful and dangerous group of vampires in the series, Sunset While both Aro and Marcus possess impressive supernatural powers, the villain Caius has none. Similarly, the original SunsetA member of the sinister trio James, Laurent, and Victoria lacks supernatural abilities, which are crucial to the film’s next story. Unlike Victoria (who can disguise) and James (who has supernatural tracking skills), Laurent is Sunset The novel and its film adaptation. The reason behind this decision was that Laurent’s lack of power would make him more dependent on stronger vampires, thus explaining his frequent betrayals and inconsistent loyalty.

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Laurent needs to be weak for the Twilight story

Similar to Jamie Campbell Bower’s Sunset The villain Caius, Laurent’s fearsome element as a villain is overshadowed by his lack of supernatural powers. However, Laurent does not have access to any superpowers, meaning his allegiance lies with whoever has the highest authority in any conflict, making the character on the side. James, Cullens, Victorias and even Denalis at various points throughout the story. Sunset series. If he had any power, his pragmatism would be more difficult to justify narratively. In its vulnerable position, this is a reasonable survival mechanism.

So just like Caius’ lack of power is used to explain his loyalty to Aro and the rest of the Volturi family (since they are stronger than him and would threaten his existence if he betrayed them), Laurent’s disloyalty is also rightfully attributed to him. lack of strength. Unlike the mighty Volturi villain Marcus, if Laurent can’t build loyalty, he won’t be able to defend himself against stronger vampires because he has no strength left to fend off. So, Sunset The villain uses his wits and unethical attachment to power to survive, allowing him to work with and against the Cullens at various times without creating holes in the plot. .

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