Why Marvel Won’t Bring Back Its Forgotten Infinity Stone

The Six Infinity Stones – the embodiment of time, space, mind, power, reality, and soul – are among the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe. Both before and after Thanos used them to wipe out half of the universe’s population, they caused incredible pain and destruction. However, there is an Infinity Stone that has been lost, never used again due to many reasons in and out of the universe.

Whether in the comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Infinity Stones form the backbone of the epic cosmic story. While stories of their origin vary by medium, gems represent a fundamental force in the universe. Possessing just one Infinity Stone grants the user magical powers; combining six things together allows the user to become a god. These six Infinity Stones combined are some of the most powerful in the universe, but there was once a seventh Infinity Stone, and its lore is fascinating.

In the early 1990s, Malibu Comics launched a shared universe franchise called “Ultraverse”. The series was initially a fan favorite, but unfortunately debuted not long before the comic book market nearly collapsed. Sales began to dwindle, and in 1994, Marvel Comics acquired Malibu, essentially making the Ultraverse part of a larger multiverse. The crossover began almost immediately, and as the Ultimate Universe began to decline, Marvel sought to reboot it. Enter the ego gem, the infinity gem is lost. In the story, the Infinity Stones were created when Nemesis was like a divided god. Of the six Rolling Stones known to fans today, each represents an aspect of Nemesis’ power; however, the Seventh Stone was also created, containing part of Nemesis’ consciousness, and eventually found the Path to the ultimate universe. As the others join the Ultraverse, the Ego Stone begins to find a way to reunite with them.

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More and more heroes and villains begin to travel to the Limit universe; among them are the Black Knight and Circe the Eternal. Circe immediately discovered the ego gem, and when she went to retrieve it, it possessed her, beginning the process of reuniting with the others. She tried to gather them together and bring Nemesis back to life. Nemesis then sought to reshape the Super Universe and the mainstream Marvel Universe. However, the seven stones could not work together harmoniously to give the heroes the advantage needed to defeat Nemesis, and the ego stone was destroyed, its power divided among the six stones. remaining.

The Ego Stone’s act of destruction restarted the entire Ultraverse, but only brought Circe, Black Knight, and the others back to Earth. Unfortunately, nothing really saved the Ultraverse in the real world, and the line died out completely within two years. Due to the legal difficulties of bringing the Ultraverse back, and since the Ego Stone is directly related to it, there’s little chance for fans to see it again.

How will the ego gem affect Thanos and others who have used the ego gem? Egostone users in the Hyperverse are usually covered by Egostones. Likewise, the magic stone retains the mental imprint of its previous user, making it a whirlwind of sound, thus weakening its power. This was futile for Thanos and Adam Warlock, even a threat to their plans. The Ego Stone, Marvel’s lost Infinity Stone, is the most intriguing gem of the bunch, but it’s almost certainly not coming back for legal reasons.

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