Why One Piece Waited So Long To Explain Luffy’s Face Scar

why not female Anime Reveals Why Monkey D. Luffy’s Famous Scars Appear At The Same Time In Manga? Created by legendary manga artist Eiichiro Oda, female Released in 1997. After over 1,000 chapters and over 980 episodes, follow Monkey D. Luffy’s Straw Hat crew as they continue their quest for the legendary treasure of Gol D. Roger and the mythical island. Raftel (or actually Jokes). female Viewers of any experience level know that Luffy is an impulsive guy, even the protagonist of Shonen Jump. He’s the type to rush into battle, throw friends off cliffs, and even poison himself to prove himself.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Luffy suffered several injuries during the battle. The big X on his chest is added below femaleThe two-year time jump – Akainu’s leftover gift from the Battle of Marinefort (although some believe the wound was inflicted in a spinoff) – and Luffy’s devastating battle with Magellan in Boost City After that, he developed a strange poison resistance. But Luffy’s most prominent scar is definitely the small arc-shaped incision under his eye, it’s been there since the beginning female.

The cause of this scar may be a complete mystery to many anime-only viewers. female It initially neglected to show how Luffy left a mark on his face, leading viewers to think it was just the result of an unlucky childhood experience. However, manga readers will know exactly how smudged Luffy’s cheeks are.exist femaleIn the first chapter, baby monkey D. Luffy tries to convince red-haired Shanks to accept him as a crew member, while then-Captain Two Arms only mocks the boy’s dreams of piracy. To prove his commitment and tenacity, Luffy took a knife and stabbed himself in the eye, scaring Shanks’ crew. Luffy makes peace, everyone applauds his arrogance, and soon the future “Fifth Emperor” eats the Gomu-Gomu Devil Fruit. However, for the anime, this scene comes in much later – perhaps partly to maintain the mystery, but also because the anime doesn’t want to risk using the scene too early in the beginning.

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in cartoons, female The first episode begins in modern times, Luffy rescues Kobe from evil pirates, and meets his first mate, Roronoa Zoro. Shanks’ flashbacks don’t start until episode 4, and they completely skip the stabbing whole. Why? Maybe because a kid poking a knife in the eye isn’t the best look in a cartoon. Japanese cartoons are known for being softer than Western cartoons, with Sanji smoking a cigarette during a fight scene with a lot of blood spilled on him. Even so, until Luffy’s risky behavior clearly proves that his actions will not be repeated, the fact that a child stabs himself in the face in episode 1 could be a risky move. the program cannot reveal those specifics.

If so, why is the scene contained in female comic? Traditionally, manga in Japan is even more lenient than anime when it comes to violent or adult content. Fortunately, female The anime made up for the lost scenes – though only after Eiichiro Oda’s franchise became an industry staple. 2012, Luffy’s Conspiracy Special release to match Movie One Piece: Z, separate from the main anime. The anime series retells Luffy’s origin story, this time including dazzling events that have long been untold on screen. This scene will be included in later flashbacks, but only in newer productions, such as episode 878 in 2019.

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