Why Only 1 Stranger Things Redemption Story Hasn’t Worked

in spite of Strange things The Netflix hit has managed to pull off some impressive but unlikely redemption arcs over the years, but it has never been able to fix Jonathan Byers since the premiere of season 1. the story. . Strange things The show may be inspired by ’80s teen movies, but it breaks the character archetype in John Hughes movies, as the show often does. As if to emphasize the idea, Strange things The third season stars the handsome 80s star Cary Elwes as the sleazy, spoiled Mayor Hawkins, and Strange things The second season featured iconic Alien villain Paul Reiser in a shady role but turned out to be a good guy.

However, some tropics are just too cute Strange things Subversion, like a big win for the bully out.Eddie’s Iconic Character Strange things Number 4’s death proves that the misunderstood outsider really has the heart of gold that audiences had hoped for, and this plot proves that some of the clichés that are still popular are there for a reason. justifiable. However, Strange things It fails to make the journey of another lovable, older nerd character engaging. Strange things While the show has forged some unexpected redemption paths over the course of four seasons, the show has never redeemed a supposedly terrifying supporting character.

Jonathan’s Stranger Things redemption fails

Jonathan Byers was very likeable very early on Strange things Season one. Charlie Heaton’s villain, a quiet, humble kid obsessed with his classmates and missing brother, is the kind of bland nerd who’s comfortable playing heroes in decade-old teen movies. 80s. Even though Steve is Strange things The arc of redemption makes it hard to recall the original character as the one-sided bully who broke Jonathan’s camera after catching the quiet kid watching his team. Still, it was fun to see Jonathan kick Steve’s ass in the first season and his relationship with Nancy started off as sweet, Strange things Never really redeemed him for his creepy behavior.

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It would be inappropriate if Steve damaged Jonathan’s camera, as he admitted when he replaced it Strange things The last part of season 1. However, it is not appropriate for Jonathan to take pictures of Nancy and the characters in it Strange things This fact was never resolved. By the middle of the third season, Jonathan’s irrevocable personality began to turn nasty. Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship was affected by Jonathan’s lack of trust in his girlfriend and his inability to show up in season four to tell Nancy his plans after graduating from high school proves that he was still an immature child who accidentally read Babu’s scary story. Strange things die. That makes it harder to find Jonathan each season.

All other Stranger Things redemptions work

Strange Things Part 4 - Billy Max

Strange things Some really great redemption arcs were dropped, as evidenced by the show’s earliest (and most impressive) spin. Steve Harrington started off as a cliché and gradually grew more likable until he became a fan-favorite supporting character in season four. Max’s eccentric, deranged brother Billy isn’t as redeeming as Steve, nor is his younger brother Billy. Strange things The character of Season 2 is certain that he will need to do something dramatic to redeem himself. However, his efforts to resist the mind spoiler’s control and his eventual self-sacrifice save Eleven and ensure a different outcome than before. Strange things Dr. Brenner villain Billy died a heroic death.

While Billy’s death was meant to prove he wasn’t all bad in the finale, Strange things Season three also turned Hopper into a violent drunken driving bully who tried to force Joyce to date him and threaten Mike instead of taking his adopted daughter’s advice. However, Strange things Season four tried to redeem this comically masculine version of Hopper by putting him in a Russian prison, where he quickly became humbled and eventually pondered the trauma that led to his over-aggression. mine. Hopper’s aggressive treatment of Joyce and her refusal to listen to her theory may be worse than Jonathan’s behavior in season three, but Strange things Then his personality changed.

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How ‘Stranger Things 5’ saved Jonathan

Steve, Nancy and Jonathan's love triangle in Stranger Things

the truth is Strange things 5 Starting with a time jump helps Jonathan’s story because it gives the characters time to grow and mature. When Heaton’s supporting cast reappears Strange things Jonathan, who was definitely an imperfect character in the first season, saw nothing wrong with accidentally filming Nancy. However, he is also a child of his parents, and due to his family’s financial difficulties, he spends a lot of time taking care of his younger brother Will. Jonathan continued to support the family throughout. Strange things In season three, Nancy even points out that he can’t afford to lose his job at Hawkins Post.

This element of Jonathan’s character is his most appealing feature, because even though the character has stagnated romantically for years, he’s always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to family. Strange things The end of season four doesn’t bode well for Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship, and Jonathan’s redemption doesn’t necessarily come at the expense of his romantic life. If jonathan and nancy were still together in the first place Strange things In season five, the character needs to bring a certain maturity into his relationship with Nancy and show his girlfriend his commitment to the family.

‘Stranger Things 5’ Should Be Based On Jonathan’s Good Side

Stranger Things Jonathan Nancy Steve Love Triangle

when will indirectly come out to my brother Strange things In season four, a bewildered Jonathan ditches the goofy Stoner character he adopted for the rest of the season to assure his brother that he will always love and support him no matter what. what happened. It’s a poignant yet effective moment, especially after Will’s disastrous conversation with Mike earlier, a scene that proves that Jonathan can provide love in the lives of those he loves. Strange things Nancy and Jonathan’s hesitation almost ruined their relationship in Season 4, and Jonathan could Strange things If he brings that thoughtfulness into his love life, season five will be there.

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