Why RHOP Fans Are Taking Candiace’s Side Over Ashley’s

fan The Real Housewives of the Potomac A fickle crowd, the wind begins to blow towards Candiace as a feud forms between Candiace Dillard Bissett and Ashley Darby. Candias has been a controversial character since season one, but she became even more controversial after getting into a physical conflict with former actress Monique Samuels. This season, Candiace finds herself dealing with many malicious rumors about her husband, most of which are from Ashley.

Early on in the RHOP series, audiences are even more reluctant to side with Candice, as she is often portrayed as spoiled and immature. However, when her repertoire was expanded to include an album featuring several famous singers, Candace launched a Grammy campaign and her popularity began to soar. In recent episodes, Candias has addressed all the rumors about her husband’s flirting, clapping her hands in return, and viewers love the confidence she exudes with her other wives.

RHOP fans start attacking Ashley and her team

The tides seem to be changing thanks to her lies. The Real Housewives of the Potomac The editors were a shady bunch, often cutting flashbacks to directly contradict the stories of Candiace’s co-stars, including former MVP Ashley. Viewers have discovered Mia and Ashley’s lies and are choosing sides. One Reddit user hillingjourney put it bluntly: “The footage of the spring event at the pub is truly damning for Ashley and her friends. They look like cold scammersIn response, Redditor McGeezy88 wrote: “They look like lustful whores and it’s a shame, I love that Candiace didn’t give Sesame Street a chance” (this”sesame sugar” is the nickname Candiace gave to Deborah Williams, Ashley’s friend).

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Newcomer Debbie didn’t make her famous among the real housewives of Potomac viewers

Deborah has been at the center of controversy in recent episodes when she brought up allegations against Candiace and Wendy Osefo’s husbands. Twitter’s Bravo Shaderoom showed no mercy to Ashley and Deborah, calling Deborah “disgusting” and accusing Ashley of making her lie.candia is ruined[‘s] marry. ” this peach report Take it a step further by praising Candias for her response to this nonsense, saying that she “pay them dust” during a live performance by Karen Hugar.

RHOP viewers love Candiace’s reaction to the other members

Ashley, Deborah, and Gizelle continue to spread adultery rumors about Candice and Chris Bassett’s marriage, and their dynamics begin to take shape. As the face of the group, Ashley is the most popular and fans are starting to think that she planned it all. Reddit contributor sa3ak wrote about Ashley, “To my surprise, she was a fan favorite. Honestly, most people don’t realize how attractive she is‘ Some viewers felt that Candiace and Ashley should never be friends again. Newagebarbie responded to the post on Reddit, saying: “I think Ashley could be jealous of what Candiace has, a loving and supportive husband who truly loves her.

Love her or hate her, Candiace has become The Real Housewives of the Potomac. Fans have come to support her against Ashley and Gizelle, who were once audience favorites. Between her malicious reading, her stealthy social media presence, and her overall success in various areas of her life, Candiace quickly became one of the country’s most iconic housewives. movie series.

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