Why Shadow Of The Erdtree Is Probably The Last Elden Ring DLC

interesting as it is Erde tree shadow Final notice, this may be the last additional content Elden’s ring Will receive. The DLC has been highly anticipated since the game’s launch over a year ago, but the official announcement has taken longer than most fans expected. Elapsed time can tell the plan Elden’s ringits future. When looking at FromSoftware’s history of DLC content, it’s obvious to check for hype about something other than the upcoming expansion.

Send Elden’s ringWith rave reviews and success, it’s no surprise that FromSoftware will be releasing more game story content. Especially since most of the studio’s previous productions received post-launch content. Elden’s ring However, it’s significantly larger than its predecessor, so that means any expansion will somehow fit its scope, meaning a longer wait. This fact may be holding back more content Erde tree shadow.

As the second DLC for the Elden Ring, Shadows of Erdtree lives up to the software tradition

Erde tree shadow technically correct Elden’s ringThe second DLC in the series and will likely follow FromSoftware’s DLC trends. Outside Devil soul And wolfEvery FromSoftware Soulsborne game has a post-launch story extension. Dark Souls 2 Watched three DLCs and Dark Souls 3 There are two main extensions. dark soul And blood transfusionotherwise, get only one DLC. upon review Elden’s ringAs the first DLC for the Colosseum update, Erde tree shadowUnfortunately, this appears to be the second and possibly last extension Elden’s ring. However, Elden’s ringThe game’s success may mean breaking FromSoftware’s DLC tradition, but it’s a double-edged sword.

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Elden Ring could be the shadow of Erdtree’s fall

Round Table Holds the burned Elden ring after the player burns the Erdtree.

Elden’s ring It was hyped even before it was released, and it was hyped ten times over. At launch, the game’s popularity exceeded expectations and became FromSoftware’s most successful game. Currently, Erde tree shadow It has to be done, and that’s a huge amount of pressure on any game or expansion. Unfortunately, this can open the door to some harmful corporate interference. In other words, the game’s success may have overstated Bandai Namco’s commitment to Elden’s ringbelong to Erde tree shadow DLC, if it doesn’t hit these numbers, is there any hope for the future? Elden’s ring Content can be compressed.

Not to mention, the long wait Erde tree shadowNotifications are not good for extras Elden’s ring expansion, as the next DLC may affect the upcoming FromSoftware Armor core 6. Despite these factors, it is worth noting that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have previously stated in a press release that they are looking at how to Elden’s ring Intellectual Property. Either way, the best course of action for now seems to be to lower expectations for any further expansion Elden’s ring.

source: Eldon/Twitter RingsBandai Namco / Online Dengeki

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