Why [SPOILER] Returns In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Warning: Contains spoilers Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 The story features several returning protagonists, one of the most recognizable being Nia, the protagonist of previous entries in the series and the basis for Mio’s appearance. The appearance of niah Xenoblade Chronicles 3 That raises a lot of questions for longtime fans of the series, but the game sets the stage for her return – and some precedent for future reunions.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 There is a long and twisted story that combines the concepts Xenoblade Chronicles 1 And Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Together. Finally, the player encounters Queen Agnus, one of the two warring factions in the world of Aionios. She was revealed as Queen Nia, a big reveal for the world of Aionios and a huge moment for those who have played the game. Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

when nia appeared in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 At least as stated in the main story of the game, people can have a lot of questions. How Nia Became the Queen What does it mean for her to interact with the presence of another major spoiler in the game – what Nia’s life now tells her friends it in the past? Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

How Nia Returns In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nia is the queen of Agnus, one of two kingdoms at war on Aionios. However, they fought for another queen, Melia, who was powerless by the demon Moebius. The true original goal of Nia and Melia and their respective worlds was for the worlds to stop merging – essentially ending their ability to interact with each other and splitting Aionios back into two separate places. separate.

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In the end, Nia’s return came to an end as the party attempted to restart Origin. Melia and Nia return to their separate world, the party splits into two, Agnus and Keves return to their divided existence. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It looks like many of the themes from the first two games have come to an end, and there’s actually a lot of room to tell stories involving some of these characters, even if time often jumps in the franchise. . Wouldn’t be surprised to see Nia or another character reappear in the sequel Xenoblade ChroniclesBut now, she’s back to save the world – albeit a different one this time – again.

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