Why The Challenge’s Nurys Thought Jordan & Tori Were ‘On The Same Page’

challengeThe New York Times’ Nurys Mateo sheds light on the love triangle between her, Jordan Wiseley, and Tori Deal by telling her own story. Nurys recently guested on Death, Taxes and Bananas, challenge Podcast based on seven-time champion Johnny Bananas hosted. The purpose of the podcast is to give viewers an insight into what’s really going on in each season by inviting the actors to share their experiences. Despite his puzzle solving skills and good stamina, Nurys was eliminated in episode 11.

The love triangle between Nurys, Jordan, and Tori was the source of drama for several episodes throughout the season. After Jordan and Tori broke off their engagement at the end of 2020, the two did not communicate for more than a year and redirected their relationship from season to season. challenge. There was a problem starting the program Challenge: Ride or die‘ Season 38 sees Jordan and Tori begin to cuddle and flirt again, sort of rekindling their relationship, before Jordan suddenly starts flirting with Nurys. Tori feels betrayed and conceited, while Jordan considers her anger hypocritical, considering her past love affair with challenger Faysal Shafaat.

Nurys tells her story amid fan speculation

exist Death, taxes and bananas During the podcast, Nurys stated that she believes Jordan and Tori are “on the same page” and admitted that she didn’t initially consider Tori’s feelings as she watched her burgeoning relationship and Jordan. Given Jordan’s conflicting feelings for Tori, it’s unclear who is the most accurate truth-teller in the feud. While Jordan, who has a conflict with Tori, may not lead Tori forward, her betrayal is understandable. Nurys gives his opinion with permission challenge Fans have a better view of the conflict.

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Nurys admits she didn’t consider Tori’s feelings at first

When Johnny asked about the love triangle, Nuris frankly said: “I thought they were on the same page, didn’t realize he was hugging her so low…I had no idea these things happened.It makes sense for Nurys to state that she doesn’t realize Jordan and Tori are mending their relationship, especially knowing that challenge House. Tori’s room is separate from Nurys’ room, so it’s easy to see that Nurys might not know that the engaged Jordan and Tori were cuddling and flirting with each other before he even started taking an interest in her. and challenge Editors ignore so much that it is difficult to know who knows what information. Nurys went on to talk about Tori’s feelings of betrayal and the two women’s open conversation in episode 11. Nurys admitted, “I really don’t think I really thought about Tori’s feelings until it happened…I just didn’t think she would be as affected as she is now.

Nurys never intended to hurt Tori. Her testimony on the podcast sounds like she really believes Jordan and Tori’s relationship is over. expect, challenge Teammates Nurys, Jordan and Tori could form future friendships.

Source: Death, Taxes and Bananas

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