Woodturning MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.9.1

You will become a sculptor filled with interesting orders and products, with your own diary. Starting from an ordinary cylindrical log, the skillful hands of the player will create a work of art. The impression is not in the wood material. It is because of the meticulousness of the characters that players will be proud of many models. No need to know much about wood carving can still make beautiful products and satisfy customers. Keeping them happy is one of the things that will make you successful. Earn money on your first order, then improve your skills to create the most impressive creations.

When you’re done, you won’t even recognize the original shape of each original piece. Records are rotated and you remove excess to get the insights you need. So far, Voodoo’s gameplay is at its core of simplicity. They have been successful in all kinds of games. Woodturning is no exception. Players will only have the woodcarving tools and complete them according to the requirements of each level.

Download Woodturning MOD – Create Funny Wooden Statues

Woodturning is for people who love to carve wood, creating various creative shapes. Just work hard, you will soon have a satisfactory diary collection. In addition, the game also makes players always need to improve the accuracy rate even more. Although every woodcut has a pattern, mistakes are inevitable. Each level gives players its own challenges to reach higher levels. A sample icon will be located in the lower left corner of the screen, take a closer look and even the smallest details are done with precision.

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Fun wood carving game

You will have to accept to remove the bulk of the wood to get the finished product. Sometimes this can cause you to waste up to 90% of the original volume of wood to get the finished product. Rest assured, because you will definitely get more money than you throw away. Do not spare those logs because they must be transformed back into a new valuable form.

Download the woodworking mod

Decoration after wood carving

An important stage is painting after wood carving. It changes the aesthetic that players can add to their appearance. As the investment and finishing involved in our wood carving are so high, there is no reason to forgo a quality paint. The beautiful color combined with the luster gives the log absolute satisfaction every time. You will complete the highest score with the expected amount.

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Woodturning with entertainment mode, with many logs, allows you to easily carve unlimited wood with the available patterns. Carefully create precise shapes down to the last detail and you’ll quickly become a good sculptor. Download the Woodturning Select mod to start with the first bar and carve out exactly every detail you see.

Download Woodturning MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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