Why The IT Prequel Is So Much Better Than Chapter 3 Happening

it Prequel welcome to delhi has the potential to be a better route for the story rather than another sequel. welcome to delhi It is said that the story took place 27 years before the incident. it (2017), setting the timeline in the early 1960s. Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti will once again direct the project, which will be produced by HBO Max.

after release it chapter two In 2019, Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgård expressed interest in reprising the role, but only if the story was right. Likewise, screenwriter Gary Dauberman discussed the possibility of a sequel, noting that various elements from the novel could be expanded upon and transformed into their own stories. However, since Pennywise is seemingly destroyed at the end of the movie and the Losers Club continues to live their lives, continuing the story from that point on would make both the movie and the book pointless.

Instead, it is recommended welcome to delhi It’s much smarter to make a prequel than a prequel It’s Chapter 3. Not only does it provide more creative freedom and help avoid duplication of other films, but it can also resolve plot holes from other films it chapter two. For example, it chapter two Touching on Pennywise’s origins and first encounter with humans on Earth, glossing over the Chad ritual, and ultimately moving the plot all over the place.Furthermore, both it and it chapter two touches on the darkness that polluted the town of Derry, but doesn’t go into detail about Derry’s history or how Pennywise was able to have such a sinister control over it.

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How the IT prequel made Pennywise’s story even more exciting

Pennywise’s control of Derry has not only been discussed in the film adaptation of the novel, but has also been teased in several Stephen King works, e.g. tommy nook and dream Catcher. so, welcome to delhi This is a perfect opportunity to explore more of Pennywise’s backstory and his control over Derry, clarifying how Derry became such a bad place and its residents are just as bad. This could keep Pennywise away from his child-eating antics in the movie, and the prequels would focus more on his Stephen Kindry local tragedies like The Kitchener Steel Mill Explosion of 1906 events mentioned in. it.

Additionally, it might also be interesting to see if there’s a more faithful adaptation of Pennywise’s horror form from the novel. The 1960s setting puts the prequels closer to the time of events in the books, so it wouldn’t be a shock if a werewolf or Frankenstein’s monster appeared this time, far removed from 2017’s 1980s nostalgia. it.Although it has not been updated recently it prequel series, welcome to delhi has proven it can explore sides of Pennywise and Derry that haven’t been seen yet.

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