Wolverine vs Magneto Cosplay Recreates Logan Losing His Adamantium

Magneto once used brutal and cruel force to remove Wolverine’s diamonds from his bones, and a new set of cosplay photos provide a watch-worthy moment for the X-Men’s final debut in the MCU. !

Recently posted on Instagram by @ryansimsphotography, this account is dedicated to showcasing the best cosplayers and enhancing their already gorgeous outfits with some beautiful vintage photo edits.

Adding comically accurate special effects, backgrounds of iconic comic scenes and other subtle additions help make these images stand out more than they already are, @ryansimsphotography and the cosplayers featured in this photo, @mark_knight_rises and @zack_attack_cosplay as Magneto and Wolverine respectively provide fans with live action RPGs that are not only stunning from a creative point of view, but also story-driven Original painting between Magneto and Logan Justice!

Magneto rips off Wolverine’s Adamantium in comic-like cosplay

Adapted from Moment 1993 Mutants #25Written by Fabian Nicieza and Andy Kubert, this is the fourth installment of the “Fatal Attraction” storyline published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the X-Men’s debut, in which Magneto returns with vengeance to wipe out the species. people at all costs. Ending up on Magneto’s space station, Avalon, Wolverine, and Mags battle each other, after which Mags mercilessly tore diamonds from Logan’s bones, rendering him impotent and forcing him to use bones. its original in the next few years. claws. And this cosplay photo set was inspired here.

@mark_knight_rises’ Magneto hovered helplessly through the air, using all his might to control Logan’s metal-rimmed bones, @zack_attack_cosplay’s Wolverine struggled, screaming in pain as the bags of diamonds oozed out. from his pores, making this iconic X-Men scene perfect. @ryansimsphotography designed with much less graphics than the original board, @ryansimsphotography added some magnetic effects to Magneto’s hands, tweaked his flowing purple cape and finally, a Diamond wire series for a pair of cosplayers Photos adds some great value to what already looks great. Furthermore, fans can swipe through the post to see some behind-the-scenes footage of how the cosplay clip came to be, further cementing the work as an impressive showcase of nerd talent.

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So while it may be a while before fans see this brutal scene on screen, the MCU now has a great reference image to use alongside what @ryansimsphotography and his cosplay theme are doing. screened here. The addition of Magneto and Wolverine is always a delight for devoted X-Men fans, and their iconic “Fatal Attraction” fight couldn’t be more beautiful thanks to these creative talents!

Source: @ryansimsphotography

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