Wordle 611: February 20, 2023 Hints & Answer

A new week brings a new Wordle for fans to tackle. Here are daily tips and totally spoiled answers for today’s Wordle.

today is Monday from It’s a little easier for fans of word guessing games with answers that use many of the common letters. As the game’s answers use more common letters, it’s easier to guess which word to guess next, which can be a double-edged sword if you find yourself with only a few yes guesses left. available.

For those who love a challenge, the game There is indeed a hard mode, which can be enabled before any game. This will force you to use them in future guesses, locking in the correct letters and clues. Doing so will eliminate the possibility of starting from Just two guesses provides a lot of letter combinations.

Today’s Reminder (#611, February 20)

Suggestions for word puzzles on iPhone

before completely ruining today’s content from The answer, we always provide some suggestions to help those who like a little bit on the right track.

Tip 1

No letter repeats today from

Tip 2

This word is often used to explain the loss of moisture in the skin.

Tip 3

1996 R&B hit”nobody“Song by artist Keith _____.

Today’s Wordle Answer (#611, Feb 20)

Wordle Grid 611 Tried on Feb 20

February 20 from The answer is sweat.

With so many common letters, today’s effort took longer than usual. from We use the word IRATE, which misplaces the three letters and makes a good base to start the game. Our second guess is TAPED, which shuffles the letters a bit but doesn’t really reinforce any particular position. Next, we tried METAL, which was locked to the letter “A” and left some options for the other letters.

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Our fourth attempt was STEAK, which added an “S” and an “E” lock. Since there is only one possible position for the letter “T”, it is easy to find the correct answer and get it from Win five rounds with SWEAT.

  • main image of word game from

    Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

    Release time: 2021-10-01

    Developer: Josh Wardle

    Publisher: Josh Wardle, The New York Times Company

    Type: Puzzle

    ESRB: E

    What it is: Wordle is a web-based word guessing game developed by Josh Wardle that has taken the world by storm in 2021. Players need to guess a five-letter word and have six attempts to guess the word correctly. there. When they get a letter right, it will mark itself green if it’s in the right place and yellow if it’s the right letter in the wrong place. Yellow letters also mean that the letter can appear more than once. Wordle was acquired by The New York Times Company in 2022 and added to their website and app, making the core game free to play as promised – with a subscription for extra words and rewards other, and also available on browser, iOS and Android.

    How long to play: 1 hour 25 meters

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