Miles Teller’s 10 Best Movies, According to Ranker

Miles is currently starring in Tom Cruise’s summer blockbuster Top Guns: Maverick, The film will certainly bring his name to a wider audience, but he has been a hit in independent films for years. Teller is best known for his starring role in the film Damien Chazelle . hit, He plays a young boy named Andrew, who is forced to endure physical and psychological pain at the hands of an evil music teacher in order to reach his true potential.

The film was critically acclaimed and Taylor’s performance is one of the film’s strongest points, but that’s not the only time he’s shined on screen. Rating users voted for what they thought was his best movie at the time, Top Gun: Maverick Did not make the top 10, possibly because not enough viewers.

Difference (2014)

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Miles Teller takes on his first lead role Divided, Based on the novel of the same name by Veronica Rose. He played Peter Hayes throughout the trilogy, one of the main and most important roles of the series.

Like many young actors of his generation, Taylor’s appearance in youth series brought his name into the mainstream, leading to more successful and beloved projects in the future. . While they aren’t the most critically acclaimed films, there’s no denying their importance to Taylor’s career.

Rabbit Hole (2010)

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rabbit cave This was Miles Teller’s first professional role and it remains one of his most impressive projects to date. He stars alongside Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as the parents of a boy killed by Taylor’s character in a car crash.

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Family dramas like this are never easy to watch, but the acting of the three main actors rabbit cave It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off of it during the most stressful moments. It’s a story of sadness and loss, but maintains a tone of hope throughout a dark tragic tale.

21+ (2013)

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Miles Teller, 21 years or older

21 years and over It may not be considered the best comedy of the 2010s, but its comedic performances and clever writing mean it’s still underrated. The film follows Justin Chon’s Jeff as he invites his friends to one last night of excitement and indulgence before an important exam the next day.

Taylor plays Miller, one of Jeff’s best friends, who joins him in this late-night adventure. He has great chemistry with his co-stars Justin Chon and Skylar Astin, which makes their scene together a pleasure to watch — even if the script is a bit too simplistic.

Two Nightstands (2014)

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Leo Tipton sits in bed with Miles Teller in Two Nightstands

Miles Teller opposite Lio Tipton two bedside cabinets, Their characters bond as a sudden snowstorm prolongs their one-night stand. Despite the simple and predictable nature of the film’s story, the pair make for a great romantic-comedy couple.

There are still many great moments two headboards – Characters like Taylor and Lipton learn more about each other as the series progresses, inviting the audience to join them on their respective journeys of self-discovery.

Bleeding For This (2016)

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Boxer gets a massage in 'Bleed For This'

bleed for it Considered by many to be one of the best and most underrated sports movies of the 2010s, thanks in large part to Taylor’s stellar performance as Vinny Pazienza, an almost pro boxer. Paralyzed after a dangerous car accident.

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The film tells the shocking true story of Patzienza’s accident, but focuses more on his inspirational recovery and his friendship with coach Kevin, who helped him recover. and maintain his boxing skills.

Breathtaking Now (2013)

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Sutter and Amy play video games together in 'The Spectacular Now'

Although Teller has starred in a number of romantic movies over the years, Now the scene Considered one of his finest works. He starred alongside Shailene Woodley in the film, and the two developed a special and unusual relationship that eventually blossomed into a passionate romance.

Thanks to the film’s quirky humor, engaging acting, and strong emotions, Now the scene Widely loved by fans of the genre. While it can be a bit cheesy at times, the story is still a compelling one that will resonate with all audiences.

War Dogs (2016)

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Evram and David Attend First Government Meeting In 'War Dogs'

Directed by Todd Phillips, war dog The film tells the story of two small gun dealers (Jonah Hill and Miles Teller) who seize the opportunity when the US government makes an offer worth millions of dollars that they cannot refuse. Teller and Hill are always hilarious together, and Phillips’ script really plays to their comedic strengths.

war dog Considered one of the best dark comedies of the past decade, it’s no surprise that it comes from the minds behind the classic. hangover trilogy of works. It has an interesting story, hilarious performances, and some extremely shocking scenes that are sure to keep all viewers’ attention.

Project X (2012)

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Miles Teller in Project X

teller may not be the star of the show Plan X, But despite this, he remains a major asset to the film. The story follows three high school students who decide to throw an underground party in a desperate attempt to improve their standing among their peers.

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The film is a comedy of errors, and the three main characters soon find themselves in a seemingly impossible situation. It’s fun to watch, and the film’s strong supporting cast allows it to thrive amid this unsettling chaos.

That Awkward Moment (2014)

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Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan walking with coffee in hand in 'That Awkward Moment'

The comedy trio of Miles Teller, Zac Efron, and Michael B. Jordan may seem unusual in theory, but these actors thrive and thrive in each other’s company from start to finish. awkward moment. The story follows three friends who make an agreement to live a life of no strings attached, and then decide to keep each other’s secrets.

embarrassing moment Really made the most of the chemistry between the three main characters, allowing them to showcase each other’s unique sense of humor in each scene. The main plot may be too simple and formulaic, but the comedy elements of the film make up for that.

Leverage (2014)

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crack As one of the most iconic films of the 2010s, the groundbreaking achievement catapulted both Miles Teller and director Damien Chazelle to stardom. The film focuses on the relationship between protagonist Andrew Neiman and dangerous and obsessed music teacher Terrence Fletcher.

Chazelle quickly followed crack There’s another, less tragic movie about jazz — la la land. His second film went on to win several Academy Awards (despite being famously losing out to Best Picture), though the debate over whether to win an Oscar continues. . crack or land is la is Chazelle’s better film — a testament to the strength and consistency of his filmmaking.

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