“The Hellbound” Star Yoo Ah-in Allegedly Tested Positive For Marijuana

On February 10, Korean news site Hankook Ilbo reported that Hellbound’s actor Yoo Ah In had tested positive for marijuana. Actor Seoul Vibe, currently under investigation for illegal use of Propofol, tested positive for marijuana but negative for Propofol. According to an unnamed medical expert who spoke to Hankook Ilbo, Yoo Ah-in’s positive test showed that he had been taking it for a long time since Propofol left his body within four days of consuming it. consume. “The THC of cannabis did not show up in tests for 7-10 days after it was consumed. It looks like he’s been using marijuana recently.”

During an investigation into propofol habits, Yoo Ah In’s urine test was positive for marijuana.

cannabis is hard to detect in a urine test after 7-10 days, which means there is a high probability that he has recently used marijuana pic.twitter.com/BkW53CyW5t

– KPOP INA WORLD (@kpopers_family) February 10, 2023

Yoo Ah In’s agency pretended not to know that the actor tested positive for marijuana.

Yoo Ah-in was forced to take a urine test, the results showed that he had marijuana in his body. Cannabis is very hard to detect in urine after 7-10 days, so it is very likely that he has used the substance recently. When contacted, the actor’s agency, United Artists Agency (UAA), declined to confirm whether the actor tested positive for marijuana. They pretended not to know that the media continued to accuse him of drug abuse.

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They confirmed that they will fully support the police investigation and Yoo Ah-in will prepare a strong statement explaining her position and side of the story.

“We have never heard that (Yoo Ah In) tested positive for marijuana. In addition, our position remains unchanged from our previous statement. We will actively assist in the police investigation and actively work on what can be explained.”

The Hellbound actor was recently questioned by the police for allegedly using Propofol, a narcotic and anesthetic drug banned in South Korea except for surgical treatment. When taken in small doses, it acts as a sedative, putting the user in a semi-conscious state. Side effects include pain at the injection site, nausea, cough, hypotension, severe itching, increased blood pressure, and tingling. At the time, his agency indicated that they (the company and Yoo Ah-in) would fully cooperate with the police investigation. According to some media sources, the Korean police and health authorities have been tracking and monitoring Yoo Ah-in for a while.

Yoo Ah In

Actor Chicago Typewriter was summoned by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency a few days ago for allegedly violating the Drug Control Act. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has asked the police to question Yoo Ah on suspicion of drug use. He was also banned from leaving the country. After being informed that he had purchased the said drug from several hospitals, he is suspected of using Propofol regularly since 2021. The Hellbound actress is one of 51 people on a watch list. Korean government drug addiction. Authorities are expanding their investigation by examining and analyzing hospitals in Seoul’s Gangnam and Yongsan districts.

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Yoo Ah-present and future projects are said to be in jeopardy.

Since the actor tested positive for marijuana, the market believes that his current and future efforts are in jeopardy. The actor is best known for his roles in popular movies and TV shows like Burning, Hellbound, Chicago Typewriter, and Seoul Vibe. This year, he will appear in the Netflix series Goodbye Earth, The Match and Hi.5. Due to the dispute, his projects are said to be on hold. However, Netflix has yet to set a release or filming date and has not responded to media inquiries.

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