Wordle Hard Mode Guide (How to Win & How to Turn It On)

Only six guesses is the main limitation of the popular word game, from. This simple word game asks the player to guess the word of the day with six tries. After each attempt, the game notifies the player if any letters from the prediction appear in the answer of the day and whether those letters are in the correct position. With the explanation of this game, from Players can immediately start guessing the word of the day.

from is a quick daily game with basic rules and new words to solve every day. Players who want to increase the difficulty of the game have the opportunity to use the Hard Mode setting. This setup changes the rules of the game and complicates this daily challenge: the player must use all the clues with each subsequent guess. This means that instead of using virtual guesses designed to get more letters, the player must try to guess the correct word on each attempt.

Best words to use when trying to solve puzzles with this new set of rules from Will depend on your position in the game. Different players have different strategies, but the best trick under these restrictive rules is to eliminate possibilities. After identifying the vowels in the game, the player can guess to rule out common consonant clusters. By removing common components of consonant clusters, such as P, rAnd Elevator, the player can quickly eliminate as many words as possible. Furthermore, when a player is deciding between several possible words, using the word with the most common letters among those possibilities will optimize the decision for subsequent guesses.

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How to enable Hard Mode in Wordle

enable hard mode from Quick and easy, much easier than problem solving from The puzzle itself. Players who want to enable this optional feature can go to the settings menu in the upper right corner of the browser. The first option in this settings menu would be to enable Hard Mode, followed by the Dark Mode and Color Blind Mode options. Some players may even find Hard Mode easier, as it requires more critical thinking and relies less on nonsense. This can trick the brain into finding an actual solution faster than just coming up with letters with letters it hasn’t used before.

With this setting enabled, players can now start the day from Puzzles according to Hardmode rules. Players using Hardmode will have sharable stats marked with an asterisk Indicates that the attempt was made using optional rules. With this add-on enabled, players can increase the difficulty of daily quests from


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