Wordle Today 752: Hints and Clues July 11 with Word Puzzle Solution

Can you believe that about 3 million people worldwide like Wordle? Wordle is a game that everyone loves. Whether you’re in school, in your teens or adults; They all have a common interest in interesting puns. That’s right, the game is designed to appeal to everyone. Yes, Wordle is addictive, fun and super challenging!

Scroll down for Wordle tips!

What is Wordle?

Wordle is the super addictive NYTimes word game. Why is NYTimes Wordle so addictive? Well, the answer is quite simple. Wordle game is highly addictive because it plays with the fact that “Scarcity”. Unlike other games that give you unlimited playtime at any time of the day, Wordle only gives you 6 chances to find the word. If you lose on all 6 of these opportunities, you’ll have to wait for the next sunrise to get a new word.

So smart looks prompted Jagran Josh to tackle their Wordle challenges in just a few minutes.

Before diving into the tips, take a close look at the rules first.

Scroll down for Wordle tips!

How to play Wordle?

Each day, the word game offers a grid that allows you to guess 6 5-letter words.

If any of the letters you entered exist in the five-letter word, the box turns yellow. If the letter is correctly placed in the right box in any of your predictions, it will turn green.

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The goal is to decode a 5-letter word chosen by Wordle after 6 attempts.

How the hell can you find the exact word without outside help? Well, that’s why we’re here, to help you!

Here are 5 tips you may need. In case you still fail, we will not abandon you. Finally, we’ve covered Wordle’s answer as well

Now it’s time to introduce you to some cool Wordle tips!

Scroll down for Wordle tips!

Wordle 752 tips for today 11 July 2023:

Wordle 752 Tip 1:

The first letter of the word is a vowel.

Wordle 752 Tip 2:

There are two vowels in Wordle words today.

Wordle 752 Tip 3:

A word with the letter “C” or the letter “T”.

Wordle 752 Tip 4:

One of the vowels is in the second or fourth position.

Wordle 752 Tip 5:

One of the vowels in Wordle words today is “A” or “I”.

Wordle Super Clues:

The word is planet.

What is Wordle’s answer today?

Wordle 752, for July 11, is EARTH.

Can you guess the correct word of the day? Whether your answer is YES or NO, we are sure that you have learned a fun game by now.

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