You could be a record holder if you can spot the baby chicken in this tricky brainteaser in just 30 seconds

YOU could be the record holder if you see the chick in this tricky brain teaser in 30 seconds.

A chicken is hidden in this colorful Easter-themed optical illusion.


Can you spot the chick in this puzzle? Credits: Dudolf

The design was first shared by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas, who often challenges fans with puzzles on his blog and in his books.

The illusion shows a field of rabbits as they collect colorful eggs in time for the spring season.

But you will have to look closely because the chick hidden among the flowers is incredibly difficult to spot.

Window viewers who find a small saw in 30 seconds can be called loggers.

If you are having difficulty, you should look to the left side of the image.

Hidden next to a basket of eggs, viewers should be able to locate the chick.

Scroll to the bottom to see the exact location of the yellow farm animal.

Meanwhile, puzzle fans were stumped by another one of Dudas’ puzzles as they had to spot a strange bunny.

Among the 29 happy bunnies with the same characteristics on the ears, face and tummy, there is one hidden rabbit without a partner.

Some are seen wearing top hats or holding apples and carrots alongside their furry friends, while others have distinctive fur markings.

Of the 14 pairs, a lone rabbit sticks out like spit for some animal lovers.

Meanwhile, the amazing image challenges people to spot six different creatures hidden in a mountainous background.

And if you can find the hidden animal in this image of a bearded man, that means you’re in the top 1% of illusion fans.

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The remarkable image left many in awe, while others quickly found the costumed animal among the drawings.

Or if you prefer to dive a little deeper, this optical illusion can reveal your true nature and the way you approach life.

He claims that he can remove your capes based on which animal you see first.

A small saw can be found in the red ring.


A small saw can be found in the red ring. Credits: Dudolf

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