You could be the champion if you can spot the hidden toothbrush in this tricky brain-teaser – so can you find it?

THERE ARE many different types of optical illusions.

Some can completely change the way we see the world around us, but others are incredibly challenging puzzles.


Can you spot the toothbrush in this lovely photo? Credit: silver lining

This nifty image is one of the hardest to understand because there is a toothbrush hidden somewhere in the image.

But can you find it?

The illustration leaves viewers baffled as they struggle to find the toothbrush.

At first glance, the cute image shows a girl sleeping in her bed under a large window as the moon shines inside.

Next to it is a lamp, as well as some shelves with toys on it, but can you see the toothbrush?

According to Jargon Josh, if you can find a hidden toothbrush in 5 seconds, you could be in the top three percent of people.

I need help?

Try to focus your attention on the objects on the different shelves and not on the bed or the window.

The puzzle is tricky because there are so many places where the toothbrush could be hidden.

Ready to answer?

If you haven’t found it yet, you can find the toothbrush on the bottom shelf of the cabinet.

It is the same color as the box it sits in, camouflaging it from view.

How long did it take you to find it?

The toothbrush was hidden on top of the brown box.


A toothbrush was hidden on top of a brown box Credit: Bright Side

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